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  1. IP Gallery

    Thank you.
  2. IP Gallery

    I have a 3.1 board and want to add the gallery to it but can't find where to just purchase the gallery. Evey time I try to get just the gallery it wants me to get another IP.Board license. Am I missing something or in the wrong place looking for it? http://www.invisionpower.com/products/gallery/ is where I start, I click buy now and it takes me to buy a new license and add a gallery to that. I want to add a gallery to my existing license.
  3. Need Help

    Never mind I got it. I'm unsure about how to upload every thing, I submitted a ticket but if someone can PM letting me know how and where the folders go that would be great that way I don't have to waste the Invision teams time.
  4. Need Help

    I just purchased an IP board and would like to take advantage over having it installed for me but for some reason I am un able to submit a ticket for this.
  5. Access to certain areas

    Will do thank you for your help
  6. Access to certain areas

    [#103149] Topics in this forum can only be read by current IPS customers. If you are a current IPS customer and are seeing this message, please be sure to login to the forum with the same email and password that you use for the client area. If you need assistance logging in as a customer please submit a ticket and we will be happy to assist. This is the error code that I get. I have log in and out a number of times
  7. Access to certain areas

    I have a hosted community that has both the blog, gallery, and Download but I cant get into those areas here or in the resource area. I have log in under the email address used in the client area. Can some one please help me out here just wondering if those got over looked cause I can get in every were else. Thank you in advance
  8. Hosted site

    Will do and thank you for your help.
  9. Hosted site

    I was wondering how long it takes to get it? I purchaced it about 2 days ago. If I just need to wait longer thats fine too, just want to get an idea of how long.
  10. Hosting

    Im having the same issue. Thought you might beable to look into mine aswell. Thank you
  11. IP hosting Question

    Great, thank you. What does require source file edits? That way I know what to stay away from, sorry Im kind of new to this whole thing.
  12. IP hosting Question

    I have just placed an order for the plus 40 hosted community, and so far Im very impressed with the responce time that I have gotten from my tickets. So First I would like to say thank you for that. Anyways I know that there is not much difference in what you can do from IP hosting your site or you hosting the site yourself. I just wanted to know if I get a skin from Skinground or another place that sells them, will beable to be uploaded to the site or not? I'm not wanting to spend $15 to $30 on a skin and find out that a hosted community does not support it. Thanks.
  13. Hosted Community Questions

    Thanks for the feed back guys that really helps me deside what I want to do.
  14. Hosted Community Questions

    I'm looking at getting one of the hosted community packages, but have a few questions before I buy one. Im surrently looking at the Super 50 right now. 1. Is there any email addresses that come with a hosted community? 2. If I deside later to host my own IPB can the hosted community be converted over? I.E. Posts, users, ext..... 3. What can I not do on a IP hosted site that I could do if I hosting one myself? 4. Do I pay for the whole year upfront or just pay month to month?