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  1. Yes, the support always reply this in tickets, but i'm not at the same opinion.

    There are a lot of (support) topics on the board where @bfarber (e.g. here) and other IPS Team members told the customers/presales questions that this is a option (subdomain support).

    At this stage, a lot of customers use this feature and now this does not work anymore.

    The support told me that this posts are x years old. Yes, but i don't think this is a good way to answer a ticket and justify the missing feature which works years ago.

  2. Since years, we could use the special "index.php" with IP.Content (Now Pages) to use the "Pages" e.g. on www.domain.tld and the forum/community on community.domain.tld - as the IPS team provides this opportunity since years on the support forums (e.g. here and here and a lot of places more) i think this is not a "hidden" feature and was not planned to be supported in the past (i started a ticket and this is the answer i read out of the replys).

    At this moment, we can not use the current index.php on a subdomain. IPS4 detects if the installation is done in the main/root folder or not. If you installed the community e.g. on community.domain.tld you can not activate the gateway setting in the acp (Pages -> Advanced Settings) because of the automatic detection ("Your IPS 4 suite is already installed at the root of your domain.").

    There are still support topics about this problem:

    So i hope there is a quick fix so we can still use the new index.php on a different Subdomain as the community. This still works fine (we could specify a path to the IPS4 install) but we can not activate the setting in the ACP (because the trouble i declared above). I think a "advanced setting" should give us the "power setting" to deactivate the autodetection so we still can use the index.php in a different subdomain as the IPS4 suite.

  3. I know you guys are very busy on fixing bugs on the IPS Suite 4 to become a Final stage.

    But just a quick question: Is there a problem with the "Legacy Upgrades" Department on your Support System in the Client Area?

    I'm waiting since Feb. 16 for the change of my licenses without any reply (after @Mark H forwarded my ticket to the department).

    Not a big deal (don't missunderstand), but for now i have time i would spend testing the IPS 4 Suite (upgrades for bug boards from customers etc).

  4. Please provide specifics regarding "multiple mails for one notification." It's likely it has already been resolved. 

    The topic requiring approval issue has certainly been resolved. :)

    ​Just a few examples (grrrrr, no uploadbox here / too little storage).





  5. Wonder why there is still no "Only search in titles" option (back) in the search system (or have I missed this now?).

    I would not explain again why this is a must have feature for a search system, we have declared this here a few weeks ago and after some tests with the feedback board, my testinstallations and now this live board i can say that this option is still necessary for a search system on a community (board).

    Still hope for this feature - or for the first modder which give us a hook/mod for this. :thumbsup:

  6. The new "Quote" headline is splittet in 2 language bits, but (e.g. for german) we can not translate it so it make sense.

    For now, you use "quote_said" (said) and "quote_on" (on) to generate a headline like


    But we need a headline-language string like...

    %s, on %s, said

    ...or something else, so we can translate it to a text which make sense.

  7. ...but outside of some general "I'm not a fan" comments, there haven't been too many specifics posted that are worth the while to change or update.

    I tink we don't say "I'm not a fan", we (and i) say'd we have a bad "feeling" if we use your IP.Content tracker. That can have various causes, Adriano listed a few things which makes the IP.Content tracker "ugly".

    If you using a software (like your IP.Content tracker), you have a "feeling" if you use it. And this feeling is just not good. I can not describe it better.

  8. But the app you where using was WAY :wub: better then the IPC one. The new one seems lacking functions.


    I am also not happy with the new tracker here on the IPS Forums... Working (posting, answering, searching (!!!)) with it feels not good...

    But the "old one" (IP.Tracker - now "Tracker") seems to be not an alternative at this moment (delayed/slow development).

    ATM i'm using the old IP.Tracker and i've waited a few month ago/since last year for a (stable) update.

    For now i think i will change to TracDown (click me) which looks like a cool Bug Tracker System.

  9. Has anyone from IPS actually replied or read this thread yet? It's frustrating if feedback is not acknowledged? Perhaps they should introduce a voting system for new features so they can properly gauge which ideas are in high demand?

    I informed Matt and Brandon about the problem and matt said...


    So: Yes, they read this thread and i hope we will see a captcha in 3.4 unsure.png

  10. What i want to achieve?

    The badword filter works very well to replace a text with a new one (badword -> goodword :D).
    The badword filter also works very well to replace a text with a new one INCLUDING bbcode or html code (badword -> goodword including a link, e.g. to the boardrules).

    But at the moment there are a problem: The filter also works on topic titles (which is correct and good), but if you replace a "badword" with a new word including bbcode or html code, the code show in the topic title:


    Now there are a few options:
    For me, i use the system to replace "IPS" with a link to your IP.Board page, IP.Content to the IP.Content page etc... There are a lot of options to use those system, maybe also to show only "crosslinks" (wiki style links).

    [*]Rename the "badword filter" system to a "Replacement system" or something else and filter the bbcode and html code in topic titles [*]Only filter the bbcode and html code in topic titles [*]Create a similar system to the badword system (maybe only copy the system) and call it "Replacements" to replace texts (not badwords -> goodwords).

  11. Similar to this topic and brandons answer here, i now post this as a feedback / feature request.

    We can still use the badword filter system to replace a "badword" with a (html or bbcode) link, but this also acts on the topic titles and we see the html/bbcode codes in the topic title. I reported this here as a bug, but matt classified it as "not a bug".

    So the badword system should become a little rework so that the replacements with html and bbcodes only replace the text, not the html/bbcode or it would be great to have a similar system to the badword system for replacements including the thing with the topic titles.

  12. And even if it is OK on facebook (i do not think so) we don't have any informations about the terms and privacy police on twitter registration.

    And also i don't think it is a big problem to show a text (maybe including checkboxes) BEFORE a member can register with facebook/twitter - i see this on other pages as well (e.g. "By clicking and registering with the XXX button you accept our terms and privacy police").

  13. Also, people don't read terms, they just check the box. Would be the same in this case, really. And those who actually do read them, also read the hardly visible lines.

    Honestly, no.

    You are (usually) right when you say "people don't read terms, they just check the box" but they have checked the box (=agreed) AND NOTICED the rules, terms, ... etc. - but people who notice this informations (near the checkboxes) not simultaneously see the links on the facebook page. This can also be a legal problem if someone say the information is "hidden" or placed "unexpected".

  14. If a member using fb (or twitter etc) for the registration, there is no "Terms of Use" Checkbox, also the "Privacy Policy" link is missing.

    I think (for IP.Board 3.4) we need a rework for the registration progress if using facebook or other services, so the members have to agree to the terms and see the privacy police informations (which is a must have).

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