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  1. New custom skin up on my site, http://mldxgaming.com . Go check it out if you haven't, it's a must see! Thanks Stars25 and Bitter :) You did a GREAT job, all my members are enjoying it and I have gotten infinite compliments from it. Will definitely be recommending you to any others strolling through the custom skin market. Thanks! :)

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    2. TheRevTastic


      PKID, the web standards today are at least 1024, even though your only missing 24 pixels of width, that could be the problem.

    3. TheGamingCenter


      I bet it has bro and you know what? I haven't had it since October and during that timeframe I have installed different scripts just messing around. I currently have about 14 paid domains sitting waiting for someone to buy them or to get anything put on them. And it's not "hack" it's "deface" and I had a deface page on my site for approx. a month for the lulz so hop off u little scumbag why are you stalking me? u stalk me on AIM, Websites, Here, What the heck? I feel violated...

    4. alex.1096@yahoo.com


      You've added my on 3 different AIM accounts after I blocked your first two. You joined my website, and I had seen your comment here. So I believe you have nothing to say.

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