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  1. Notifications working ?????

  2. Loving the latest upgrade guys!

    1. ChrisJB


      Comment reply

  3. That's great - thanks for clearing that up Brandon. :)
  4. Its on the main website: http://www.invisionpower.com/products/board/features/lookandfeel.php
  5. Also not sure If this has been mentioned but do I need a notification to say I have a Private Message, surely the number next to my small profile picture is a notification for this? :)
  6. Sorted, cleared me Cache. Only new suggestion I would make would be the roll over background color to a less sutle grey / blue rather than the dark green I know the green is trying to keep in with the IPB theme but its very hard to read the dark text when the background color changes to the dark green. Well done to IPB though for listening - very much improved, now for the links to take you to the source of the notification and I think its all sorted. :)
  7. Just made these, replace your add.png & delete.png with these two icons. /public/style_images/theme/ Add = Delete = Hey presto Thumb up and Thumb down system.
  8. When you click the notifications does it take you to that location eg. Someone has quoted your reply click and it takes you the post?
  9. Got to say I love it really well done to ipb for listening and really looking forward to the release. Keep up the good work guys!
  10. Please comment on my status, want to see If the notification pop up has changed ??

    1. IP.iBaLLiN
    2. ChrisJB


      Didn't even get one, cool! ha

    3. SkimPappa


      I really don't want to comment on your status, please don't make me

  11. Why you buy a licence it is for 1 year isnt it???

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ChrisJB


      Strange it says on my licence. IP.Board: Standard License Purchased: 1 Jul 2009; Renewal: 2 Jul 2010

      Although I dont have access to parts of the site I should have???

    3. AnthonyKinson


      you have to login to the forums with your client area details dude (i think) i think when i linked mine there was an actual option to link the account or something.

    4. ChrisJB


      I have done it worked a while back, ive submitted a ticket will wait till they reply. Bonus if my Licence is still valid which it should be.

  12. glad to hear this, looking forward to see the revised notification system! As above it's a great addition to ipb.
  13. Looks good guys! As already mentioned the Notifications is to in your face, needs to be made alot smaller maybe a drop down menu notification similar to Facebook although wouldn't copy it exactly don't want to end up like Facebook. Keep up the good work!
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