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  1. My first ever Mac

    I am finding the iPad 2 to be great and is doing everything I want it to and more as I find more and more apps. I just love Flipboard, a superb social media app that is FREE.
  2. My first ever Mac

    I have decided to have a longer think about what to get, thanks to all the great help and feedback I have had. So thank you, it is appreciated. In the meantime, I bought myself an iPad 2 to keep me occupied. I love it, and can't wait for iOS 5 :D
  3. My first ever Mac

    Thanks Mark for your thoughts :smile: The mini would be used as a server in the end once I get my iMac next year, as soon as Ivy Bridge based models are released. I still do like the air but got put off after what TheEddy said. My iTunes library will be stored on my mini server so can be accessed from my iMac (in future), iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. The air although nice, I am not sure if I would end up using it once I get my iPad. Decisions, decisions, decision lol Play games on my XBox 360 but would like to be able to play HD content from my mini as it would be connected to my TV.
  4. My first ever Mac

    Thanks Luke for your continued guidance, it really is appreciated :D I am planning on upgrading the memory to 8GB and the hard drives to SSD so it would make sense in that area to buy the cheaper mac mini and buy Lion Server seperately. Would like Quad core but as you say it isn't going to be a bottle-neck even if I so use my mac mini as a home theater aswell as a home server. The cheaper one would also give me more money so I can deffinately get iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 when released, As I am getting the 27" iMac when based on Ivy Bridge, I don't need to waste money when I don't need to. Thanks again Luke :)
  5. My first ever Mac

    The reason I was thinking of that one is that it will be used as a server once I get my Ivy Bridge based 27" iMac next year. I want to use it to store my iTunes library etc, profiles for users in the house, web server, file server etc Until then, I will be using it as my main computer, connected to my 40" TV through HDMI. Will be used mainly for learning about Lion and server functions, internet browsing, photo and possibly basic video editing through iMovie. Maybe to play 1080P footage. As for gaming, I plan on using my XBox 360 for that. So do you think the one I suggest is best for me as I don't think the better AMD graphics will be needed for my purpose?
  6. My first ever Mac

    I've cancelled my order, you are right and should wait for the Ivy Bridge to come out I think. That much money on my first Mac is a lot. What about the Mac mini with Lion Server for my first?2.0GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 4GB memory Dual 500GB 7200-rpm hard drives Intel HD Graphics 3000 OS X Lion Server OS X Lion And self upgrade memory from Crucial with:Module Size: 8GB Kit (4GBx2) Package: 204-pin SODIMM Feature: DDR3 PC3-10600 Specs: DDR3 PC3-10600 • CL=9 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR3-1333 • 1.5V • 512Meg x 64 May upgrade HDD to SSD at a later date :unsure: This means I could also get iPad 3 and/or iPhone 5 when released :drool:
  7. My first ever Mac

    I already have a custom built PC at home and bring my work netbook home, so was able to take the opportunity to get a mac. Yes they are expensive so not for everybody ;)
  8. My first ever Mac

    Thanks Matt and Tom. As I run a network of multiple Windows servers, computers and netbooks, I'll still be using both. Just wanted a change at home and can appreciate them both and not be a fanboy lol :D
  9. My first ever Mac

    Thanks Brian. No doubt it will take a little adjusting but one that I am looking forward to a lot :drool:
  10. My first ever Mac

    It's listed on the Apple website :)
  11. My first ever Mac

    I have just placed my order for my first ever Mac! Gets delivered at the end of the month :D Happy, happy, happy 13.3-inch (diagonal) high-resolution LED-backlit glossy widescreen display 256GB flash storage 1.8GHz Intel Core i7 with 4MB shared L3 cache 4GB of 1333MHz DDR3 onboard memory Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor with 384MB of DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory Based on Intel Sandy Bridge. Wanted to wait for Intel Ivy Bridge but that's not until next year :(
  12. Feature suggestion for moved topics

    Thanks for your opinion. I still don't think so though as it could potentially lose members and/or customers :)
  13. Feature suggestion for moved topics

    And that is why the suggestion helps the original poster and the moderating team as human error can happen :)
  14. Feature suggestion for moved topics

    In an ideal world Jay, that should happen but take these forums for example, often non cuctomers ask support question in forums such as general chat, they are moved to technical support forums where the poster doesn't have permission to view. This happens at other forums too and that is why I have suggested it to help the original poster ond the moderating team :)
  15. Feature suggestion for moved topics

    So you don't think it is annoying for the original poster to click on the link to the original topic to then see a message saying you do not have permission to see this topic when it has been moved to a forum they do not have permission to view and then the moderator(s) to get a PM saying why has their topic been moved and/or a new topic asking why has it been moved?