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  1. Download: (inv) Awards

    In the admin side of things you're referencing some icons in "/admin/skin_cp/_newimages/icons/add.png" so I see broken images on the Add New Award buttons and such. There is no such directory in 3.2, "_newimages" is now just "images" And like others mentioned, auto-awarding just results in a driver error, I will try the query you posted earlier to try and fix that though. Also, any chance you can add the "Give Awards" link in the navigation on the left. I HATE having to go through IPB's hover menus in the ACP, you have to make a point of going directly vertical then horizontal to get to the option you want which is incredibly annoying, you can't drag the mouse diagonally like any normal person uses a computer because then it hovers over one of the other options... just a poor UX choice there... Apart from that, looking pretty good for a beta addon, looking forward to the finished product! Thanks.
  2. File Name: Active Member Count in Board Stats File Submitter: Chris_JP File Submitted: 05 Sep 2006 File Category: Modifications This mod will display the number of active members on your forums, just beneath the total number of registered members. What defines "active members" is the number of members on your forum who have logged-in in the last x days - where x is any number you want. By default this is 30. It works in the exact same way as you see on vBulletin forums. There are no skin edits required to install this mod, only two files require editing. The mod will automatically work for every one of your skins. Affected Files: /sources/lib/func_boardstats.php/cache/lang_cache/**/lang_boards.php Click here to download this file