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  1. Portal

    Managed to fix this, just removed the redirect and made the portal outside the forums.
  2. Portal

    Anyone have any idea on how to resolve the following problem. I have my website set up on the root url and the forums in /forum On the root of the site I have the index.php as supplied with the portal redirecting to the portal page. I'm trying to setup a pull CDN through Maxcdn and when I enter the IP address of my server and test it then it says "ERROR: 302 Moved Temporarily", this is being caused by the redirection in the index.php as removing the index.php file allows the test to go through correctly. Unfortunately it means that the CDN doesnt work as its not finding the files to serve. Anyone else have a setup using a pull CDN with the portal enabled to redirect or have any other ideas on a better way to do this?
  3. Should I expect the API user to say anything other than No Activity if its working? I changed my profile photo and it did change so it looks ok to me though. IPB 3.2
  4. Portal

    Anyone else having the problem that the Google +1 is only appearing on the first entry in the portal? I get a blank space for the following topics (see image).
  5. Download: (SOS31) View Poll Voters v1.0.0

    Same for me, some of them display no users when I click on them, some of them display just one name (when a lot more people actually voted). I can send you a link to my dev board I have it installed on if you need it.
  6. Download: Classifieds

    Leo, you may want to read just two posts above yours ;)
  7. Download: Classifieds

    Just to let you know about the problem I had after installing this: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/310091-extra-forward-slash-after-indexphp/page__p__1949784