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  1. (BIM40) Easy Popup

    Yes...with administrator permissions?
  2. (BIM40) Easy Popup

    Thank you for the quick reply! Unfortunately, it's the same without the emoticon...
  3. (BIM40) Easy Popup

    same for me... i can't use the CKEditor mode if I use it, here's what happens: If i upload an image, it's OK All the rest seems good !
  4. Mark as read?

    no, not at all! In fact, this is a Photoshop montage to show what I would like to have on my IPS 4...
  5. Mark as read?

    Someone for helping please?
  6. Hello ! I wonder if it is possible to add a command "mark as read" in research flow? I think it would be very convenient ... Here's a screenshot of what I want:
  7. IPS Community Suite 4.1: Upgrade Prep

    + 1 Please ?
  8. ProMenu Plus

    Perfect!! thanks ;)
  9. ProMenu Plus

    Fantastic job! Would you please tell me how to change the green color on the primary menu? Thanks a lot :thumbsup: