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  1. Yes...with administrator permissions?
  2. Thank you for the quick reply! Unfortunately, it's the same without the emoticon...
  3. same for me... i can't use the CKEditor mode if I use it, here's what happens: If i upload an image, it's OK All the rest seems good !
  4. whouahou ! I would like to have the same configuration!
  5. no, not at all! In fact, this is a Photoshop montage to show what I would like to have on my IPS 4...
  6. Someone for helping please?
  7. Hello ! I wonder if it is possible to add a command "mark as read" in research flow? I think it would be very convenient ... Here's a screenshot of what I want:
  8. I guess the goal is to increase the speed and responsiveness of the website ...
  9. Hi everybody Could you please tell me, what is the better cache system for IPS? I'v got a dedicaced server and i can install what i need of course. So: APC, Memcached, Redis, Wincache or Xcache??? Thank you so much!
  10. Hi everybody! since updating to 4.1.6, I have small translation problems. I managed to replace everything EXCEPT 1 field impossible to translate! Take a look: in the version, I had 3 fields "yesterday": ...and since the update, I have a fourth and he is problematic: When I translate the field, the system indicates that he recorded the translation but it is wrong! by returning to the page, the chamt remained virgin and the translation is not considered .... someone has an idea?
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