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  1. Default Post Content

    Or even 3.3? This would be a really handy hook...and I haven't seen anything else similar.
  2. Download: Classifieds System

    A few questions before we buy it. can we limit members from using it by post count? Like the need 20 post before they can use it? or Can we put it so mods have to agree to let the ad be live ? thanks in advace
  3. Pulse by IPS Themes

    Also sorry how do i remove the posted today at (time ) from replies?
  4. Pulse by IPS Themes

    I have installed on 3.3.3 and the logo and admin cp mod cp do not show up also there is no acp skin settings area in the admin panel help lol
  5. (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    We upgraded IPB to 3.3 so I upgraded the app to 2.1.0. It installed fine and shows up in Manage Applications & Modules, but there is no way to access the app, it doesn't show up in ACP>Other Apps Confused!!
  6. Monthly Post Stats

    Tried again with the 'Duplicate Tables Drop' during install but still the same. Oh well I'll maybe try again...or upgrade to 3.2! Thanks for your help :)
  7. Monthly Post Stats

    Still the same as before :sad: I left the Duplicate Tables: option when installing to 'skip' as it was the default as I wasn't sure of the consequences.
  8. Monthly Post Stats

    This installed OK on 3.1.1 and I can see the app in 'Manage Applications & Modules' and 'Third Party Add Ons'. It's enabled, but nothing in the 'My Apps' drop down :sad: Rebuilt the caches but still no joy...any ideas?
  9. IP chat is a no chat!

    Dan, big thanks for your help, if this is something we are doing wrong then apologies, I will check out the ticket! Thanks again Glen
  10. Before you hit back try and see it from my point, we have had IP board for around 7 years and now it my soon end? Chat is a joke, from my point of view I purchased this due to the fact things changed and I had to, ok can understand but why not provide a service first before you put it out and then find the problems? Now it seems I keep getting an issue with the license, I have not done a thing with the license and yet twice we have had errors and twice it