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  1. We seem to have stumbled upon a strange bug with groups 2.0.5 on 3.4.7 Posting news ("Add News") to the group results in the repost of an existing topic. This may or may not be related to the issue with Tags earlier in this topic. The news feature is somewhat broken. Apparently It can only be used to promote the latest topic to a news feature.
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    Also, the 'microphone' icon, does not appear - perhaps the new version has introduced some bugs?
  3. LongeCity


    This application lacks documentation and "promised 'front end functionality". (or, if there is any way to enable it, it is not apparent for the lack of documentation).
  4. This is what happens when a non-admin non-group-member tries to access the page. Surprisingly it works fine if you're not logged in. After that, it suggests you try joining the group.
  5. Looks like certain tags will make topics kindof part of a group. For instance this thread: http://www.longecity.org/forum/topic/73169-difference-between-nsi-189-phosphate-and-the-base-version/ appears to be a part of the NSI-189 group, but it's really not if you follow the link above.
  6. IPB has adopted a policy of removing mods from the marketplace that are not 'supported' by the author. Even worse, and for no good reason that I can see, the support thread that went with the mod is also removed. Our community uses dozens of marketplace modifications some which are many years old and still serve us well. Even if the author is long retired the mod may still work well or at least provide a basis for further work. Why not leave mods on the market with a clear warning that they are not supported for certain or all versions? The support thread often contains valuable information about specific features, glitches, possible tweaks and known issues. What consideration has been given to the disadvantages of removing these threads versus those of leaving an 'unsupported' thread visible?
  7. the no_view_keywords language bit doesn't display.
  8. It's working now. Sorry, it turned out to be coming from elsewhere. Same text, hence the confusion. Appreciate the help though.
  9. Hi, The ad containing an iframe used to display nicely. Now after upgrading IP.Board, it seems like there was some change possibly in the settings and the html code is displayed in a code box instead of being used as html. Not sure what setting changed.
  10. There seems to be a problem with installing it? please advise, many thanks
  11. the restriction to the selected forum does not work- the rule appears everywhere. Please fix !
  12. Apart from the recognition of secondary groups, it would also be useful to limit *viewing* of the profile field per group rather than just editing.
  13. Great work! Suggestion: currently the quiz only identifies 'correct' and 'incorrect' answers. What would be great if we could have the functionality to allocate each answer with a value to an outcome to create the very popular "If you were an animal, what kind would you be?" -type quizzes.
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    VIP Members

    Hi Adriano, Many thanks for continuing to support this application. As for the bug, I see it's already been fixed, just need to add the sospromote_vip_secondary table.
  15. We would like to place the slider next to the logo ( in globalTemplate after {parse template="defaultHeader" group="global" params=""} </if> ) it looks fine at first, but creates a critical error when users try to log in. Help please?
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