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  1. Psst: Go use the demo first.

    I dont need it for Content, i know what it is and how good it is. :)

    I was planning on buying it in the future, but i guess nows the perfect chance to get it.

    probably your best bet is to reply to the ticket and if the offer is still there, I am sure they will credit the $50 towards it :)

    Yea, made the reply now. Now to begin playing the waiting game.


    Im sure you would have the same thing after trying for 2 days to get your money back. Besides, all ive done was created a topic with lots of dissatisfaction. Nothing else. No harm was made in the creation of the topic.

  2. Well, In the UK you have the Sale of Goods Act to protect you from that, and you can change your mind within "a reasonable time period" as long as the entire product is returned.

    Still, that has no relevance to this topic. Can I just suggest that you accept the credit, and then it is a year of IP.Board renewal sorted for you?

    Sigh, you know what, fine. Ill take the credit. Ill take IP content instead.

  3. If that computer store has that policy then that is up to them - they are not obliged to refund you.

    Only if the product is faulty would you be entitled to some form of refund.

    This is also the requirement of PayPal - simply changing your mind is not good enough.

    Not at all, the requirement of paypal is dissatisfaction. Im not happy with my purchase so i want my money back. Its that simple.

  4. You could have checked out what the blog system was like here at the IPS forums, asked other users questions here, or [url="http://www.invisionpower.com/products/demo.php"]signed up for a demo board[/url] which has all of the current IPS apps installed for you to try out.

    I would've never bought IP.Content without first seeing it in action. Seeing it here on the IPS forums and then being able to play around with it a bit on a demo board is really what sold it for me.

    You right, it was my mistake not trying the Demo first, but thats in the past now. Whats present is me trying to get my money back for a product im not going to use because it sucks.

    Edit: And whos the stupid butthole surfer who keeps putting my posts as negative. Honestly.
  5. Buying an item in the store and buying software online are 2 different things. And your wrong about that, i can easily go to say, futureshop, buy a computer, open it up, plug it in, dislike it, go back, and say, i want a refund, and they will give me it 100%. Aslong as everything is the way i bought it.

    Im just asking for a damn refund of 50 bucks. I have no use for the damn blog module. You guys are really stressing me out here. I will go to Paypal and request them to give me back my 50 dollars if i have to. Your not leaving me with any options here. I dont need the Mod. PERIOD. Im trying to be nice and get my point across.

  6. I bought the blog mod only to find out its nothing what i thought it was. When i requested a refund, i get bombarded with "we cant do that for you" crap.

    Heres my pretty conversation with Nakisha.

    On the 9th, i bought the blog module and only up until today did i install it.

    Im highly disappointed with the Mod, its not at all what i thought it would be. If possible, could i get a refund?

    I mean, in all honesty, i need something with sections for a reviews, not a user-related area.

    I thought i could close off user posting, make the Blog a Review section and have my team of Staff post Reviews for Games but instead, i see the Mod is completely different then what i thought it was. Id really like a refund or a possible way to modify the Mod, but i think thats way to much work.


    Unfortunately, once the software has been downloaded it is our policy not to issue a refund.

    Nakisha Thomas

    Invision Power Services

    Director of Customer Satisfaction

    Why would someone want a refund for a product like this if they didnt dl it first and see it for themselves. I understand where you are coming from, but believe me, i have no use for this Mod! I just want my 50 bucks back, i would gladly spend it on something else that would benefit my site.

    I didnt know the Blog was such a user-related thing. Please consider my case, i really don't have the cash to spend it like this.


    I am not able to refund the funds back to you. If you would like to use the funds for the IP.Blog on another product, I can do that for you.

    Nakisha Thomas

    Invision Power Services

    Director of Customer Satisfaction

    I dont want to use the funds on another product. I want my money back. Why are you not able to give me back my 50 dollars.

    I know i am able to get it back if i were to get Paypal to do it, but i dont want to go there, it doesn't have to go there. I only want my money back for a product that im extremely unhappy with. I thought IPS had 100% customer satisfaction, or was i wrong to think that.


    Below is a link to our standards of service regarding refunds.


    Nakisha Thomas

    Invision Power Services

    Director of Customer Satisfaction

    Again, i have no use for this useless blog module! You know what im regretting here? That i shouldn't have boughten it, i should have just downloaded it from a Warez site, installed it, seen how bad it was and been like, wow. I was about to waste 50 dollars on this mod.

    Nakisha, i want a refund. I dont care for you policy. Be human and understand that i just want my 50 bucks back, i dont have any use for this mod. Please, im asking you one last time to give me a refund.

    Like wow, i just want my 50 bucks back and its leading to be so difficult. I never thought IPS would have this kind of problem. Normally any other Company goes, okay, your not satisfied, thats alright, we WILL give you back the money. The real drag is... i thought IPS was all about Customers, no?

    What do you all think about this?

  7. You can already do group ACP restrictions, just set up what you want for a certain group and then any members you put in the group would have that same set of restrictions. Is that what you're after?

    Haha, thanks Michael, i must be blind, i didnt notice the Group option below. I thought it was user only. :P
  8. So... Were at 3.0.5 and im surprised that i have to keep putting the restrictions every single time per member... I mean, its getting annoying, i got a big board and many different types of admins. Id prefer if i can save these permissions as a group or something. IPS, you think you could get this feature for the future versions?

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