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  1. Please make the Staff Online show up as another tab beside Friends Online and have a Shield icon displaying it. It would be so much better :smile:

    I would still really like to see this. ^

  2. By the beginning of 2012 I opened a topic (which no longer find it now - I think it was deleted and I do not know why?) that was called something like this: "When it comes IPB 4?". I mentioned in that topic importance of IPB as a core suite which to attach components IPB.

    Now, I see that intend this but when that happens? Or, more precisely, when we see separate core of the current IPB forum?

    A little tip for IPB developers: Stop wasting time with IPB 3.4.X. .. for wasting time in vain. On the other hand, do not overlook what I have said here in the post no.29:


    Then, from what was said above, I added problem here:

    which for me is not resolved.

    So, we see in this year IPB core separate from IPB forum ?

    Just run this SQL Query in your Database...

    UPDATE `YOURDATABASENAME`.`core_applications` SET `app_enabled` = '0' WHERE `core_applications`.`app_id` =3;

    make sure to Recache Apps & Modules for forums to be disabled 100%.
  3. I love this hook... but it doesn't seem to work 100% with the Skinbox skins and that is annoying. Can you please look into that?

    EDIT: I also like the Staff Online suggestion. Just like the popular sidebar hooks, with settings, it would be awesome to show who's online as Staff and who gets to see that.... but then again, wouldn't it be better to make a whole different hook altogether for that? :S

  4. It's not as bad as it was so I gotta give credit to IPS for atleast dealing with that annoying time period...

    The site sometimes now is not responding or working but if i refresh it and wait out acouple seconds, most of the time, it refreshes the page no problem.

    In this case, I wouldn't say you guys should complain because it's not as bad as the site was about a week or so ago when it was completely unreachable.

    All i gotta say is I've been using the site all day no problems and I've had to refresh the pages about a hundred or so times but it works... so no big deal. :)

  5. I also spoke here... and now I'm looking for information here

    Something like that would work however the way i have my custom fields setup is by adding it to the current fields that exist in the Forums App. As far as your second link, then thats for profile custom fields which isn't the same for the forums that I would need as an example. The way i personally did it on one of my boards is add onto the current fields that exist within the IPB files (old fashioned way) and that seemed to do the trick although i manually had to create a sql query to add the new table into the right area. Nevertheless... what is being asked her is not hard to do at all and i know IPS can do it... so please guys!

  6. I just checked this out and I gotta say, this is amazing. Thank you for making this. :)

    I think my favorite part is it doesn't conflict with the acp.css that I already have (or the default one if I used it) and you mentioned in the file description of a copyright however I couldn't find that anywhere. :P

  7. It's not a question of whether this can be done, as I know it can (i've done it recently just to see if it can be done). It's a question as to whether it will be done. It's unlikely that a product like this would be permitted on the marketplace because of the licensing implications.

    However.... If you were to charge for Connect, then all of that could be avoided and we both know people would jump at this. I have been wanting something like this since IPB 2.x and I know I'm not alone...

    Imagine that you could setup a totally new license system just for connect that would support x number of boards.... Just like IP Chat, you have your neat way of making more money and you keep everyone happy...

    I really don't understand why this hasn't been created yet if clearly, you've already taken an interest yourself...

  8. Core should not be called core because thats the administration language and I wanted to change my NON-ADMIN core, board and forums...!

    For anyone else who is looking how to restore the language back to default:

    In the SQL Management > SQL Toolbox:

    UPDATE core_sys_lang_words SET word_custom='' WHERE lang_id=1

    And then go to your Manage Languages > Localization Manager and click re cache. :smile:

    On a side note, thank you for the language pack, works great with 3.3.4!

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