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  1. There are so many important issues IPS hasn't fixed for many years that bringing up something like this... especially with the mess that is 4.0 is pointless. You are using a super high resolution display that the average person still does not use. Factor in Mobile Devices and there really is nothing you can do. All Browsers display these images this way because of the CSS Styling... which you are always welcome to change.

  2. 1024 x 768


    ​Looks like you'll be forced to deal with Mobile since they developed the 4.0 skin this way. Your only other option is submit a bug report and have them fix this because that resolution while being low shouldn't be Mobile, even if there are Mobile Devices that have that resolution or higher!

  3. does this work on content 2.3.6 with board 3.4.6?

    may have a need for it but am really unsure about compatibility.

    Just tested it with content 2.3.6 with board 3.4.7 and it works so far no problems! :thumbsup:

  4. At the very bottom there is an UP Arrow to scroll up the page. With some modification, you can have this button/link float at the bottom of the page.

    As far as the search functionality, It's been a mess for years. Until they completely revise how it works, It's going to continue to be useless.

  5. The point is to have Profile Privacy. We understand that information is public in other areas of the site and that does not matter. If members wanted something like that, it'd be called Member Privacy, not Profile Privacy!

    Invision Power Services should Implement these features, Facebook is the perfect example in comparison and 3rd party modifications to this are simply not the answer, especially not long term!

  6. I appear to see a different version of this Module on my site, which is now 3.4.6

    The one I have is Michael McCune and its version 1.1.2 and if I check for upgrades, I see none.

    I wouldn't call myself an expert by a long chalk, so I wonder if anyone can explain to me if I should remove the one I've got, and download this Ver 1.2. If I did that, would I lose all the packages I already have?



    You can safely upgrade your Subscriptions Application to the latest version because Michael is no longer updating this application and has given it over to another author.

  7. IMO a member who did not validate their account shouldn't be able to login at all.

    That is exactly the confusion new members get when they don't validate, login, and go... "huh, I can't do anything." They obviously don't see the red resend validation link and only a few clue in to check their mailbox and actually validate. The best way is to not offer them any type of access if they are validating and force them to complete the process. You can always put up introduction text where needed to direct them properly and explain validation. There is a really modification to help with Validation:

    (IPT33) Validating Message 1.0.0
  8. It's found on the top right corner (if you are using the default skin) followed by a green box background. You can create a pretty picture, center it on your homepage and link to your registration page so people who refuse to look at the top corner will easily find the registration link. Theres also the option of moving the current link/box but the first option would be easiest.

  9. When it comes to Skin Templates, the fact that you can get highly customized IPB Skins for prices under $50 are all a steal! Your complaining that once a new version is released, the upgrade for that should also be free since you've paid for it... however the reality is, the amount of effort and time that actually goes into the development of said skin hardly covers the asking price, or even a renewal price. Obviously my idea of skins and other developers are different and there are lots of customizations and features most aren't even aware of. When 4.0 is going to be released, a lot of time and effort will be put into creating and converting the older skin and all of that should be given out for free? There is a reason why the skin market is not popular. They don't get rewarded for nearly half the work they do and when you really think about it, half of the best skins are pirated so where does that leave the author! The pricing for skins is ridiculously low for the amount of time, inspiration and effort really needed to develop a skin. Paying the same $50 or lower price for a renewal that will work with a totally new version of IPB is more than fair.

    The bottom line is, 4.0 is something noone can guarantee because they don't know what the changes will be exactly, will their be new bugs, and will the conversion process go smoothly... so they don't want to shoot themselves in the foot and promise an upgrade, especially for free. Every time a new series version of IPB comes out, its always the same discussion on the forums and once things settle down, people continue to move on. I still have IP.Boards I manage that are running on the 2.3 Series and have had no reason to upgrade!

  10. Although Arrow Chat is extremely different. I've been using it for a long time and I can say, its definitely an amazing alternative and works well. I still use Shoutbox because the original author has been long time gone and the product still works as it should. I haven't been upgrading to the latest version (dont know whos managing it now or what they've done to it, don't really care), What I know is it works and I'm surprised to see people not using it anymore just because there is no official support. FYI, I've never needed support for that Application since day one and if you know how long that thing has existed... then you know if it works, you can use it. :P

  11. What would be responsible for a lack of function in the shoutbox? I'm running 3.4.6 and the shoutbox is displaying, but when I click Shout, Clear, Refresh, My Prefs, Smilies or BBCode, nothing happens, the buttons don't function. When I hit enter it doesn't send the shout either?

    Probably lack of settings and permissions... make sure everything is configured.

  12. I've been reading so much about all this new stuff that apparently is supposed to help make everything easier that seeing at-least one picture would give me something to actually look at. I know from previous times, people have always argued that things should be better and there are always proper responses to that.. All I'd like is to see what they've been talking about.

  13. I've been using Invision Power Board since the good 1.3 days and I've gotta say, hell yeah this is the best software. It's gotten so much better over the years. I recently upgraded a 2.3.6 to 3.4.4... Boy, what an amazing change sacrificing a-couple non-important features I liked in 2.3 for all the fantastic features in 3.4. :D

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