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  1. Surprised no one has posted the obvious...... When it's ready!
  2. Asus G750JZ laptop. 17" Wndows 8.1 32GB DDR3 RAM 1TB HDD 5400RPM + 512GB SSD 2.4 ghz intel i7 quad core 4700HQ processor.
  3. ​So you clearly missed the part where I said no template edits or add-ons were installed.......and my forum is mis-configured? No, it's not. I've been building forums for well over 10 years, and have quite a bit experience with IPB. The problem with 4.0 that i've experienced is javascript/jquery related, it's like the library fails to load, and it was sudden thing, meaning it was working initially and then about an hour later it stopped functioning, no changes were made to the site at all, so nothing was done to cause it to behave the way it was so it's not a "pebkac".
  4. ​thinking about it. The crazy part? They use IPB for their support forums, go figure.....
  5. ​Yeah too bad I don't care what some fanboys think. Thank you for proving my point.
  6. ​Dude, I know it's a BETA, stop shoving that in my face, I CAN read you know, and that's not why i'm selling it. I'm selling it because I'm not using it. If you looked at my signature, my forums are powered by Xenforo. I had issues running IPB 3.x on my site too, even a clean, vanilla install, so I moved to XF, i'm selling the license because I have no use for it.
  7. Yes I have submitted a ticket, and it wasn't a live site, no.
  8. ​The host is fine apparently cuz others host IPB with them but for some reason it doesn't work properly for me. The javascript got wonky and i couldn't open the blocks menu or anything......it happened out of nowhere and i didn't install anything 3rd party, was completely vanilla :/ go figure. Oh and I met all the requirements...... ​ I'll try PMing you. :)
  9. I love IPB 4.0, sadly my host can't handle it so I'm kinda forced to sell my license since I have no use for it.
  10. Not sure what happened but out of nowhere I can't expand my blocks tab to edit any of the blocks from the front end? Is anyone else having this issue other than me? Edit: Seems it may be a javascript/jQuery issue? Any reason this would just appear out of nowhere? Can't even use the dropdown menu for my account... Edit 2: Upon more experimenting, This only seems to be a issue when on the index page (index.php)?
  11. ​I am. It just started happening out of nowhere. I can delete blocks and hit "Save" but can't "Confirm" the edits because the arrow won't pop out...
  12. Oh how cool! Thanks! One last question, i'm trying to get things as secure as possible but it won't let me write an htaccess file in the security center, it gives me an error saying it failed, is this a bug in the beta or is there something I have to do server-end to get it to work? Also, the users online area shows no one is online even though I am? Why is this?
  13. I don't see the online user list or even the site statistics & sidebar on my install of Beta 3? How do I enable these in the admin CP?
  14. I would personally advise against doing this. It's easy for someone to figure out 10+ accounts are all the same person talking to themselves, and honestly, if I saw a forum do this, I wouldn't post there anymore because that shows that the admin/staff cannot be trusted.
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