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  1. test split

    I guess there's no bridge between IPB and SocialEngine?
  2. Download: (SOS31) Easy Topic Moderation v1.0.1

    I agree 100%. I was mislead about this mod too. I want this to be a next feature in the next version of this mod.
  3. Copying threads

    That mod doesn't work for copying threads.
  4. Download: (SOS31) Easy Topic Moderation v1.0.1

    That tells me alot than doesn't it? What could be causing the issue that it wouldn't work on my board?
  5. Download: (SOS31) Easy Topic Moderation v1.0.1

    The Copy Topic part doesn't work. It only copies the first post which is useless. Will this be fixed?
  6. Download: iAbout ULTRA

    It is strange for a coder to go abit crazy about someone trying to help by changing their code. Is it a Ego thing or what? My suggesttion is to fix the bbcode issue ASAP - it's terrible to see such a basic thing done wrong. Another idea is maybe including a Hall of Fame tab for special members. And....how do you add information about the Admins? I haven't seen anything to change it.
  7. Download: iAbout ULTRA

    Even if part of your mod doesn't work?
  8. Talk about fast!

    I'm a new customer. Just hoping I get it soon, I got alot of work to do with it!
  9. Talk about fast!

    I'm still waiting for mine to be approved...