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  1. Subscriptions Manager

    I've still got the same frustrating issue, and have got nowhere finding the cause of it. It's very embarrassing having to keep apologising to users when this happens. Plus worse than that, I've been finding lately that sometimes peoples' subscriptions are being set as auto renew without them actually requesting this. I've had a few people contact me recently to say they only set up a one-off payment but are then getting debited by paypal every month!
  2. Subscriptions Manager

    Incidentally, I think I may have an issue where subscriptions being created are getting set with paypal as recurring, even though on the database (or certainly the user's auto renew checkbox) I don't think they are. Any idea how this could be happening?
  3. Subscriptions Manager

    Sorry to bump a previous comment but this problem with incomplete/unpaid payments (that have actually been paid & completed by the users) is driving both me and my forum members mad, and causing a lot of admin to have to check up all the time on statuses and correct them. Please please could someone suggest a way of fixing this problem? All payments are via Paypal as I don't use any other gateways (if this matters). Thanks very much.
  4. I agree - I know I can remove restrictions in ACP but my moderator team are not able to remove these it seems without going into to a member's warnings, and say for instance creating a new warning instance to remove a permanent posting approval. Which seems pretty crazy. I might be misunderstanding the system here as fortunately this is not something we have to often use on my board but the only solution I've seen so far, is a paid modification for a function that should be included as standard. '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Apologies if I've got the wrong idea about this, but it seems a much more clunky system than we used to have (I'm on 3.3.4 so it may be different now of course).
  5. Member Reviews

    Bought. :)
  6. Member Reviews

    Thanks for the comprehensive reply mate. My host has confirmed we're not in strict mode so I think I will be taking the plunge and seeing about getting this bought & installed.
  7. Member Reviews

    Thanks for the detailed reply - appreciate the comments :) Will wait to hear about the 3.3 compatibility thing as I'm just slightly nervous about installing the current download & finding that for some reason it might make my forum go bang. I can troubleshoot these things but I'm not an expert so it normally takes me a while. Trying to also find out from my host about whether the mysql setup on the server is strict mode or mysql engine as well. He doesn't seem to know offhand so I'm waiting to hear back. Dying to just go ahead and buy/install it but just a bit wary about causing myself a problem until I know more on both counts. Is there any way I can check the latter through phpmyadmin or anything like that? Sorry if that's a dumb question!!
  8. Member Reviews

    Thanks very much for the replies, appreciate the info cheers. Tempted to buy and install it anyway even without having compatibility confirmed as I can probably update the forum itself if I really have to. Be nice to be certain about it first though ideally so I'm not forced to update as a result!
  9. Member Reviews

    And sorry to spam but... This may be a daft question as well, but is it feasible to use this on a website that does not run IPB? Ie to use on a simple review based website that has no forum installed on it? I'm guessing the answer is no, but I'd definitely buy if it's possible to use it like that without too much difficulty. Many thanks!
  10. Member Reviews

    BTW one other thing I wanted to ask is if there's a way for more than one review for the same Product to be on and linked to each other? Ie I presume you can have as many reviews for something as you like just created as different individual reviews, but is there a means of linking them together and showing an average rating for linked reviews? Ie if 10 different people review the same items but with very different opinions you'd be able to see an average like you get on amazon, rather than it just being a case of the first reviewer's opinion is the one that counts possibly? PS - how do I check if my mysql setup is using strict mode or not?! :blush:
  11. Member Reviews

    Thanks mate but yours is a 3.4 and mine a 3.3 version. Just want to confirm this latest version is backwards compatible with mine.
  12. Member Reviews

    Hi - just wanted to ask before buying this (sorry if it's covered but when I searched the topic I got no results somehow), but does the current version work still on version 3.3.4? That's what my board runs currently but just wanted to check if possible. Many thanks!
  13. Subscriptions Manager

    Hi all I've got the same issue that others seem to have had with subscriptions staying as Incomplete status, and user group not switching after they have paid & subscribed, and the more it happens the more embarrassing it gets, not to mention the hassle of trying to keep on top of it. Has anyone had success in fixing this issue or identifying the cause of the problem (mine are all done via paypal and no other gateways). Sorry if it's been highlighted as I had to skim through search results, but plan on reading more thoroughly tonight. Appreciate any input on this as it's super frustrating, thanks! :)
  14. Topic Template System

    Sorry to add a further post (as I can't remove/edit the previous ones), but is there any likeliness of this being extended to use the templates created for replies any time in the near future? I know it was mentioned a couple of years or so back that it was intended to be added. That's what I could really really do with having, as I'm attempting to gather data from my members using these templates, but it's going to be tricky unless every reply on a topic with these templates is using the same template as the one used for the first post. I'd pay more to have that since it would be so useful. Thanks
  15. Topic Template System

    Please disregard the last two posts as I have figured the issues out now - purely my own fault, doh! Cannot edit/remove the content of those messages now sorry!