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  1. Arg! Highlighting (to copy) links in the status widget with IPB 3.2 in Chrome is killing me!

  2. No December discounts?

    The best part about that discount is it's year round. :P ... Oh, did I spoil the rest of the secret...? Sorry!
  3. Amazing support!

    GO Andy! Dang, y'all great.
  4. Forum isnt working :/

    This needs to be in large, bold, red text in order for people to stop worrying/complaining. No offense of course. :)
  5. iOS 4.0.1

    This update better make bluetooth skipping/replaying buttons activated.
  6. New custom skin. :) Check it out! http://idreamofjimmy.info

    1. Camoo


      Great looking board skin, but now i'm blind because i looked at your mainsite :-)

    2. aeharding


      Lol that was my other admin that coded it b4 I was there and I don't want to touch it.

  7. Donations for Autism

    Awesome idea for testing! I love it! I am totally donating when I have some extra cash (hopefully it won't be gone by then). I know quite a few autistic people, and I'm donating through IPB, which is why I want to donate so badly. If it's still open in two weeks when I get my paycheck.
  8. switching from vb to ipb with large forum

    If you see any bad opinions towards the switch to IPB, just point them out, I'm sure we can address them. :) The move is always seamless given you have enough time and know what to do before hand. And back up if all else fails, obviously. ;) I would pay IPB the conversion cost. They can do it, and do it right, otherwise they won't charge you. It's always nice to be able to blame someone else is something doesn't quite work right. :P
  9. Status Update > User Comment Approval Permission

    I like it. It's like the comment box on your page, except for status replies.
  10. Just got back from the International Science and Engineering Fair! WAS AWESOME! Go team Oregon!!

  11. Yawn. Middle of the week already...

  12. wonders why CleanCut keeps disappearing. :/

    1. abney317


      skin needs some updates for 3.1