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    Thank you for your great plugin. 🙂 "Captcha On Login Form 1.0.1" is working fine with reCAPTCHA v3 in my Invision Community v4.4.10. The installation is very simple. My idea: It would be perfectly, when the administrator login-form also can be protected with reCAPTCHA.
  1. Hello, I have a problem with IPS Although I don´t check the Moderator box "Show that the message has been edited"... ... it would be shown a comment "Edited just now by XXX": In IPB 3 I didn't have the problem. Is this a bug? Can I disable the "edited by" function?
  2. Has anyone found a solution to make the banners responsive? (In the posting pictures, it works automatically.)
    Very, very helpful plugin!!!! Thank you very much. How can I donate your great work?
  3. Very nice work! Thank you very much! How can I donate you money?
  4. Hello, since the Google Panda / Penguin / Hummingbird updates our IPBoard positions are getting worse. We must make a better onpage optimizing in focus of the Google Webmaster Guidelines. I installed the IPB 3.4.6 because HTML5 and the Canonical tags, but the template and the IPBoard software must anyway better. Perhaps can the IPB development team make the templates more SEO (Search engine optimizing) compatible in future: Please install the Firefox Addon SEOQuake and click on Diagnosis. https://addons.mozilla.org/uk/firefox/addon/seoquake-seo-extension/ 1.) You can see that the header tags <h1> <h2><h3> are not logical. The first Heading text must be one H1, the second H2 and the comes H3. 2.) The meta tags must be better: - The title may have no more than 59 characters. - The description may have no more than 159 characters. - Not more than 10 keywords. 3.) For a better "HTML to Text ratio" may the source code not contains so many trash. Any out-commentated text can be deleted or hidden with PHP. 4.) The Paging function / pagination ( 1 | 2 | 3 ) must be optimized. Google like the rel “prev” and “next” HTML attributes to identify the paginated pages. 5.) The template images without alt="" attributes are bad. 6.) The user profiles e.g. http://community.invisionpower.com/user/143373-madmatt6/ have a low quality and should be set with: <meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow"> 7.) The biggest problem is the duplicated content because e.g. the following URLs: Perhaps you can disallow some bad URLs with mod_rewrite, 301, rel="nofollow" or the robots.txt: /forums/index.php?app=core&module=help /forums/index.php?app=core&amp;module=search&amp;do=viewNewContent&amp;search_app=forums /forums/forum/47-skin-tutorials/?sort_key=start_date&sort_by=Z-A /forums/topic/7245-guest-textbox-modification-in-overlay-cherry-template/ /forums/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&section=findpost&pid=32672 /forum/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules
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