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  1. CMS vs IP.Content

    Thank you all for your answers. A couple of more questions arise :) If I go for the "blog approach", would I be able to use this as a frontpage of the website with menus/links to the rest of the forum? Would it be possible to use it in this way and still have a standard blogs for the forum users? After a tour at the demo-site I think that also IP.content with a database could be the way to go. I like the idea of integrating everything, and as far as programming intensive or not, I guess it is just to start digging into the template coding starting from the examples provided. This would indeed be very helpful! Next step questions: Would it be possible to install the system such a startpage (portal-like with documents archive) will show up for www.site.com and then the forum under forum.site.com (or www.site.com/forum) Would it be possible to build the site at www.site2.com and when satisfied with that import all users and forum-posts including attachments from www.site1.com? Is this kind of conversion/move what is referred to as "conversion service" when buying? (site1.com is a phpBB3 forum.)
  2. CMS vs IP.Content

    I am not able to see this link, since I do not have the privileges. Would it be possible for you to post a screenshot of it? nes718, I will also take a look at the blog-approach. What do you mean by "the blog lacks is multi column display"? Am i not able to create the menu to the left and still see an article in the middle?
  3. CMS vs IP.Content

    Thank you for your reply. Do you know of any site that I can look at to get an idea of how it could work out? I have only found IP.content examples for Portal-like pages. It seems like you can do anything with IP.Content, but I do not really get how to do it. Is everything a matter of coding or can I accomplish this with only limited knowledge in php/css and so on?
  4. CMS vs IP.Content

    Is it possible to build an article archive much like vB4 CMS in IP.Content? I would like to build a site with a menu to the left with categories and when selecting a category a list of abbreviated articles within that category would be listed. As stated above, like vB4CMS. In the best of worlds the articles should be written in an editor like an ordinary forum post, which only selected forum members have privileges. If it is possible, what would it involve regarding coding and so on?