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  1. I know that it's only style, however noone have that time ;)
  2. That can be an option. However fortunatelly that is not my target =)
  3. I will try to make a little list. The first impact is beatifull, clean and organized The home only shows what is needed, JavaScript worries about forum description and hides it most of the times, the same functionality in less space than The lateral bar also is clean and isn't as heavy as the ipb one, it has useful things only in it. The way of displaing avatars is the best iv ever seen Postbit is the cleanest as possible, not full of info, only what is needed I'm sorry but I think that this list is useless. What I like is the concept: do more with less Making things complex is eas
  4. Hi, I will be happy to reply. First of all, check out my website: techforum.it/forum As you can see the ipb theme is not really easy to notice. I did big changes. I asked at something like 10 persons I work with if they knewed xenforo, and what they fought about it. 50% of it already knowed the board and everyone answered that the user interface was amazing. Today I also meet the runner of an Italian ipb board support site, he fought the same. I also asked at some of my end users, everyone loved the simply and really functional design. What I like is the super user friendly design-it is
  5. True, however many promised to convert their board. And what they like is the UI.
  6. I know what a template system is. Keep believing what you want. Ipb will not get a bigger share of market up to when it's soo 2005 style. Call me crazy if that makes you fell better.
  7. You are all joking, right? Ask a coder how long does he take to COPY every single page of xf into an ipb styles. 200 hours? I think more. Ask on xf.com why they like and they will buy xf. They will all reply I like it, or the user interface is friendly. Noone is such crazy to say "becAuse they will add features in the next 2 years" However, devs here at ipb did theyr maths. They decide.
  8. No, you cant. They are 2 completly different things. The only reason people are going to xf is due to its style, nothing else. Phpbb have more features. Think before speak, I do it.
  9. I'm from my iPhone, so I will be fast. I'm currently an ipb customer, and I started loving the framework. My website is full of customizations, I think I broked any record for it. However, I will move to xf. The only reason is the user interface. Why don't you at ipb invest 20k in studying and realizing the best user interface ever? Features are already here and all works great, but the ui is really really ugly. IMO.
  10. How many hours do you take to make this skin similar to XF one? 100? isn't that tooooo much?
  11. IPB with the style of xenforo would be the killer app... really.
  12. This script is fast. It's only the ipb server that is a bit overloaded sometimes.
  13. Since that IMO the style is the Achilles' heel of IPB, it would be great if these ideas are shared with us. I would be happy to help =)
  14. lol i want to wait 20 years that visit my sites with ie6. I will do this!
  15. Really great. I've done an edit to ipb soo that if someone visit a thread (the user visiting must be registred) the board keep trace of it and than when someone reply to the thread the user will be notified. Wouldn't it be great?
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