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  1. Without question one of the greatest apps for ipboard ever was ibEconomy ..loved the points and the lottery, please come back eric


  2. Version 1.0.0


    Military style rank pips or group images.


  3. IP 4 Ready test?

    Ah Thank, but not great news from the server... RESOLVED
  4. IP 4 Ready test?

    If there an app or hook I can upload to test the specs of the server are to make sure it will work if upgrading to forum boards 4
  5. Download: Texas Hold'em Poker

    cant read the board-service.doc says itsa currupt
  6. Tournaments

    BV have a word with Aren (IPBForumSkins). he is fantastic and will sort it for you
  7. File Name: Battlefield 3 Ranks File Submitter: nashslash File Submitted: 27 Jan 2012 File Category: Other Battlefield 3 Rank pins for your forums. These images are freely available as a web kit. This kit contains 22 images up to the rank of colonel Click here to download this file
  8. I'm confused - New PC

    sounds like a memory or heat problem to me, take it back pronto...
  9. File Name: Military style Star Rank pips File Submitter: nashslash File Submitted: 22 Apr 2011 File Category: Group Team Icons Military style Gold star Rank Pips. One through to ten, see screenshot. Encourage your members to make posts Click here to download this file
  10. Download: Fusion Menu

    I posted 2 support request topics in his forums 3 days ago.. he hasn’t yet responded.. disappointing really
  11. Facebook Like Box

    Would it be possible to have 2 like boxes on the side bar at one go? If i had 2 pages i wanted promoting? Maybe id have to edit the hook name or something then import another ? do you know if i could do that ? or ill experiment on my test site..
  12. ER: enable reCaptcha on login

    To be honest Captcha are really annoying for users. I myself find it extremely difficult to read the codes. For a spam bots signing up for your site its nothing, currently it cost about $2 per 1000 Captchas that about 0.2 cents per Captcha you may as well turn off Captcha as long as you have a decent Q&A in place that
  13. Per forum RSS feeds?

    Yes. You can create a RSS per forum if you require or add as many forums to it as you like? I feed my news forums to twitter and facebook pages and other forums to my facebook profile page