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  1. Without question one of the greatest apps for ipboard ever was ibEconomy ..loved the points and the lottery, please come back eric


  2. My site currently isnt live. Im just setting up the backend .. I have 1 mod on my site 1 hook and a theme. When I try to view posts that ive already made I now get this error! All the setting and permissions are correct. Is this something I can quickly fix myself or do I need to start a ticket? Is ipboard really so delicate?
  3. thank you for your responce but I've found just what I needed and was looking for RESOLVED
  4. not sure if this can be done or possible but .. I have a hidden forum section only viewable by a particular group. Eg "group1" is it possible for "group1" member to switch other "members" of the site say in group "members" over to "group1" and also remove them if needed back to "members" group without acp access. I would only wish them only to be able to switch members to their group1 only . Not letting them takes members and change them to admins for example. thanks in advance
  5. there's only 1 user admin... i tried various browsers most are the same or repeat the problems after a few attempts. Is there anything I should be looking at in the cpanel for server errors? Theres nothing in the error log. Cpanel loads fine. But get a lot of time out trying to access the site or try doing anything acp. Its not red but I can upgrade You are running MySQL version 5.5.50-cll. While this version is compatible, we recommend version 5.6.0 or above, but this is not essential. You may wish to contact your hosting provider or system administrator to ask for an upgrade if you are upgrading to IPS4.
  6. Just setup a new board. It lets my log in but when I try to go to the admin cp I keep getting never had this before in any forums. I extended the wait time in firefox to 30 seconds and I still have the same problem. Becoming rather frustrating as I cant get to configure my new board.
  7. if i added the test install after the end of my key. so long as the domain in client area is pointed at the same domain will it stay live? as i didnt want to start configuring it only for it to go down? as it thinks its a test site
  8. Currently I do not have an active boared anyway using my license key but I will try the testing install to try and get through the installation process also I've checked the client area and already states that they moved my name is the registered site for the license my old board and hosting went down about two years ago
  9. just renewed and thought id try board 4 just tried to set it up on a completely new host and domain. I had to reset my url in the client area. Half way through install I got a timeout connection was reset. Now when I try to complete it I receive “An installation has already been activated for this license key. Your license key entitles you to one installation only. If you need to change the URL associated with your license, contact IPS technical support. “ on the licence part of the install. Although the board installation isnt complete. I cant access the board to attempt to reinstall? Ideas ? Ive put a ticket in but they stating upto 8 days for a install ticket?
  10. cant read the board-service.doc says itsa currupt
  11. BV have a word with Aren (IPBForumSkins). he is fantastic and will sort it for you
  12. File Name: Battlefield 3 Ranks File Submitter: nashslash File Submitted: 27 Jan 2012 File Category: Other Battlefield 3 Rank pins for your forums. These images are freely available as a web kit. This kit contains 22 images up to the rank of colonel Click here to download this file
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