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  1. You can take a look at this embed technique and see if it works for you
  2. 4.0 update is planned, I can't give a timescale though due to other work requirements
  3. Can you PM me with details for your forum?
  4. Hi, If possible can you please PM me with details for your forum. ACP access would make it much easier to determine the problem.
  5. I have no record of you purchasing this hook, but from the looks of it you are from the same website as another user who contacted me yesterday. I have replied to both his email and PM, but am awaiting a reply before I can provide a solution.
  6. You *could* change the .bar class, although I'm not a skinner so I don't know if that would have any unintended consequences. Otherwise having another css class with the same style as the board index sidebars could work
  7. Typically what that error would mean is that nothing parseable was returned from Twitter... :unsure: If you're comfortable giving limited FTP/ACP then I can take a look directly - which is quicker. If not, then I can PM you a debug version which will dump the requests to locate the problem. Let me know which is best for you :smile:
  8. Unfortunately without having access to your setup that type of error is fairly hard to diagnose. I've uploaded a small fix for error reporting, but it likely won't help in this case. Here's what I'd suggest to start: -Check the screen name to make sure it has been spelled correctly. It should be the name that comes after the @ sign (thanks Millipede :smile:) -Are you using the consumer keys/secrets for Twitter login? If not make sure the setting "Use 'Twitter Connect' details" is set to "No" Try this and see if it is of any help :smile:
  9. Fixed in 1.1.1 :). Upload the file /admin/applications/core/sources/classes/twitterTimeline.php
  10. Added support for 3.3.4 in the new version :)
  11. I haven't checked in 3.3.4, but I can't think of any reason why it shouldn't work as far back as 3.2.0. I'll check tomorrow hopefully and update the minimum required version
  12. Uploaded 1.0.2 with a fix :smile:. I assume you aren't running IP.Content?
  13. Try checking the scheduler logs: 1. ACP > Stats & Logs > Logs > Scheduler Logs 2. Filter by "Recache Twitter Timeline" All fetch operations are listed there, it could be as simple as a field not being filled out
  14. Upload the file /admin/applications/core/sources/classes/twitterTimeline.php . Everything else is unchanged
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