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  1. File Name: Shuukyoku File Submitter: Beatless File Submitted: 08 May 2012 File Category: Miscellaneous Skins Introducing Shuuyoku Shuukyoku is a transparent multi-layer skin that features handy CSS3 features The skin features 6 style completely customizable along with previous features from Elegance Infinity White Sea. Major Features: - Fixed/Fluid Skin. - 6 Inbuilt Styles. - RTL Support - Responsive Layout. - Layout Switch (2 Layouts) - Configurable Slideshow. - Tableless Board View. - Customizable Layers via Control Panel. - Crossbrowser Support. - Support for Third Party and Official Applications (i.e: IP.Content, IP.Gallery, IP.Download) Other Features: - Google Fonts. - Smooth Scroller at the bottom - First Word Color Span. - Loading Transitions. - BBCodes Collection. - Socials Icons. - Eventually all the features of Elegance Infinity White Sea to! Click here to download this file
  2. Oh well didn't know there was a support topic here. The question of above is being tracked here http://demo.forcize.com/index.php?/topic/7-some-issue-with-elegance-skin/unread/ Regards,
  3. File Name: Elegance Infinity ~White Sea~ File Submitter: Beatless File Submitted: 04 Jan 2012 File Category: Miscellaneous Skins Introduction: Elegance White Sea series belong to Invision Power Board 2.1.7 versions. Since then the original design remains almost the same with some variations with the body. The main purpose of this design is to provide a top notch good looking site without any HTML/CSS knowledge. Major Feature: Layout Switch: Elegance Infinity White Sea offer around 3 different layouts inside the skin itself Elegance Infinity White Sea - Standard Layout: Elegance Infinity White Sea - Second Layout: Elegance Infinity White Sea - Second Layout + Slideshow Disabled: Other Features: 1. Configurable Slideshow. 2. Fluid/Fixed Skin 3. Backgrounds & Logo .PSD 4. First Word Color Span 5. Tableless Board View 6. Cross browser support. 7. Around 8 New BBCodes & New Typography 8. Control Panel (for easy customization) 9. Documentation 10. IP.Gallery, IP.Content, IP.Downloads and Third Party Component Support 11. Animation Transitions 12. RTL Support! 13. And many more! * Rights after purchase: We offer free and custom support everything for free after the purchase. Is recommended that you read this post in order to provide high priority support. We also offer custom assistance for installing the skin and adjusting the 3rd party components to fit the design. Click here to download this file
  4. File Name: Elegance ~White Sea~ File Submitter: Forcize Studios File Submitted: 16 Dec 2009 File Category: Miscellaneous Skins Note: The image will be updated on 24 hours with a new one, this one was for showcase purposes at development stage A little bit of history: Elegance ~White Sea~ is the latest on the Elegance Series which close the name series at once. Elegance born on March of 09 for IP.Board 2.3.x as a custom skin been our third developed skin after Crystal Core and Pretty Box Series. Then we decided to keep it as a premade skin and work on it every day for maintain the modular and stylish from that made it so popular. Elegance is divided into 4 groups: I: The first release state II: The second release state with new backgrounds and a styleswitcher III: Unreleased. This was our first try with "White Styles" called White Sea to. At the end we couldn't released due to eye hurting and confusion with to much white IV: a.k.a The Second Wave Now we're so happy with this release, the chapter can be closed and a new point start right now. Most Important Features: Forcize Private Content Delivery Network (CDN) Important Features: New: Style Deep Control: 10 Styles split on group of 5 that vary depending on the deep (Artist - Simple) New: Ultima Framework: Cache Engine New: Ultima Framework: Skinlets New: Ultima Framework: Ethereal Hyperboost New: Brand BBCODES: H1, H2, H3, H4, vRight, vLeft, Dropcap, Important, Warning, Note, Normal & PRE New: SEOFriendly Available Skinlets Positions: Cross Features: An empty style called "custom" well explained which use the most important classes that play around the design for develop your own custom style. Cross Browser Support: Tested on IE7/IE8, Opera, Safari, Chrome and Firefox [sacarsm]Even on the best browser so far. IE6![/sarcasm] (Ops.) Multiple Body Styles (Transparent - Normal) Multiple Styled zones as Notes and even more. 100% Designed: The most desired. Usually subscribers ask us regarding the .PSD of the elements since we're always providing only the logo and sometimes only 1 background. From now we're delivering all our designs with all the .PSD elements used. Elegance White Sea Original size was 184mb but we had rasterize and lowered the quality of the sources. Anyway uncompress is around 54mb. Join and get many more! Now we're offering a non-recurring payment membership. (December Offer!: Use the coupon: EVE and get a 25% off. Apply to all the plans) Small FAQ: Q: Where the... are yours IP.Board 2.3.x skins?! A: We're not offering as club skins at least for this month. Anyway they're available at Invisionize Marktplace and we'll republish them on january as club products again Q: The Ultima Framework, what's that? A: Ultima is our "default skin" we're working on it every day for make it better, fluid and stronger than the default skin, besides: 1. Ultima is based on the 960 grid system. 2. Ultima is aim to be Tableless. Right now the complete board view is tableless which improve the SEO of your forum since the bots hate the tables. 3. Ultima use jQuery as the Core and all the conflicts were reduced to 0. So you can develop or use your own jquery plugins with our skins. 4. Ultima still on development stage, soon we'll open the lab were we'll explain what are we doing right now and what's coming 5. Only Elegance ~White Sea~ is working within this framework. We'll adapt the old releases starting the next week. Q: What's the CDN and the other Ultimas:? A: Check our website for more information Click here to download this file
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    Download: Dragoon

    File Name: Dragoon File Submitter: Forcize Studios File Submitted: 10 Nov 2009 File Category: Professional Skins Introducing our first skin Dragoon. With a bunch of prominent features you can adapt this skin for fill all your needs. Features: Velociraptor Framework. 4 Styles {Orange / Blue / Black / Green} Left to Right / Right to Left Compliant. Firefox 3, Opera 9.6, Safari 3, IE 6, 7, 8 Compatible. Note: 1. The Ethereals were removed from the Velociraptor Framework including some features that weren't providing the expected results. 2. This skin require some additional steps for been setup, please follow the steps located at the support topic. Click here to download this file
  6. coffee with salt. yummy!

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    Giveing Up

    Um. I agree a little bit, there's good A++ support but a lack of a complete documentation for non-experienced users... anyway at least we always try to help each other. If you need help with something just send me a PM and i'll try to help you ^^ Regards,
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    Overtake vbulletin

    Would like an ajax search that display "X" results titles at the time that you write something on the box. Only on the basic mode not in the advanced :) Regards,
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    Question + Feedback

    Right here you'll find everything that you want: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/community.html Regards,
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    vB to IPB+ Transfer Questions

    Yes. Can't answer the other questions, but one less :) . Regards,
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    I have now switched from VBulletin

    Hi again :D Welcome to the family Regards,
  12. File Name: Wii fSkin File Submitter: Forcize Studios File Submitted: 23 Oct 2009 File Category: Miscellaneous Skins Overview: Still remembering those people that loved the Wii fSkin for IP.Board 2. Now we just bring the same concept but with some handy features. About the Skin: The Skin was developed using the EarthVibes framework with some pieces of the Ultima Framework, been the case that the framework still on development we just took some small pieces of it but the results were better than the original version for IP.Board 2. Since the release of Elegance we've been trying to find a way for avoid multiple skins releases (with different colors, styles, widths, etc...) can't belive that some designers charge for that... Anyway with this release and with the upcoming releases we're going to fix that... New Features and Changes (since the IPB 2.3.x): Stack Navigation If you're not interested in that feature it, you can remove it and use the old way Apple Stack Navigation, that is the new user navigation, save time and enjoy a fresh experience Ultima Edit Save time and customize the most importants options of the skin in the comfort of your ACP :P Stop. In case that you read the Ultima and Velociraptor information. The Ultima Edit is incomplete right now. The Full version of the Ultima Edit allow to combine styles, color schemes, basic/advanced CSS modifications, manage global attributes and even more. Q: Why the delay for release it? A: That was the surprise for November, right now we've rewritten unique classes replacing all the olds one (well not really). We've added another Style Sheet called "Compatiblity" that contain the most of the olds .CSS (besides: some common classes like the famous .row, still in use). Q: Elegance, EarthVibes even the Wii fSkin (due to the incomplete integration) and the upcoming skins will use it? A: Yes, but only Elegance in some days will use the same piece of framework due to the lack of friendly options. The Good News: Velociraptor is almost finished, so expect free skins soon. The Bad News: Due to the above news, Burning Eve probably will be for Christmas. Elegance Ambient BBCODES New BBCODEs for your forum :) Old Features: Clean layout with shadows and curves in structured propotions. Optimized CSS. Dynamic Header. Fluid and Fixed Version. Header Container, Buttons and Usergroups .PSD Fancy Navigation. Advanced Profile View. Redefined Forum View and Global View. Fonts Included. How to get it? We're offering Membership in our club, just grab one and download all the availables (and incoming) skins for IPB 2.3.x and IPB 3.0.x InClub Features: 1. 12/7 Support (from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am - GTM - 04:00) 2. Spanish/English Support. 3. Free Customizations 4. Freebies 5. New Skins Guarantee Misc Links: 1. FAQ 2. Contact Click here to download this file
  13. File Name: EarthVibes File Submitter: Forcize Studios File Submitted: 23 Oct 2009 File Category: Miscellaneous Skins Overview: Time for EarthVibes. We expect to bring closer connection to web 2.0 beauty. EarthVibes features several killer additions that make it a nice deluxe skin. First of all, all the colors were pick at Adobe kuler, then we got a super clean typo plus a charm creation. Note: This skin is not based on Ultima Framework. Right now only Wii fSkin is available for it. How to get it? We're offering Membership in our club, just pick one and download all the availables (and incoming) skins for IPB 2.3.x and IPB 3.0.x InClub Features: 1. 12/7 Support 2. Spanish/English Support 3. Free Customizations 4. Freebies 5. New Skins Guarantee Misc Links: 1. FAQ 2. Contact Click here to download this file
  14. File Name: Elegance Dawn Edition File Submitter: Forcize Studios File Submitted: 06 Oct 2009 File Category: Miscellaneous Skins After the release of Elegance Second Wave. We decided to use the framework for something else and then... it born Elegance Dawn Edition feature the same features of Elegance Second Wave. But this edition doesn't include any style, heavily optimized, easier for edit. Besides you can download and develop the styles. Only 4 classes need to be edited for customize this powerful framework. Some examples are: We release 5 styles every friday until we get the 100 styles!. Note: Membership required for download this Not enough? EarthVibes for Invision Power Board is coming on October 07 / 2009 Not enough? The Ultimate Framework for developers and Terra Nova: Burning Eve are coming soon :) About the new Upcoming Framework: ipb2 framework was the best so far at least with small edits you could get a nice designed skin. But ipb3 with the mandatory prototype library's a pain for people that doesn't have to much knowledge, anyway the fix for it is a simple and optimized framework that handle the most important parts of the skins. Elegance Dawn Edition Framework is an example, we developed our EarthVibes skin from IPB2 to IPB3 in just 7 hours, no conflict, cross browser support and very well designed. The Ultimate Framework (name not releaved yet) have: * Optimized CSS * Editable Zones * JQuery Enabled with (0.00%) conflict with prototype. * Less HTTP Requests * 3 Editions: Grid Edition, Fixed Edition, Fluid Edition * Entire .PSD Layouts GDK. * Explanation and Samples About Terra Nova: Burning Eve: Terra Nova original name was "Javascript Essence" due to the high use of mootools. Suddenly with the switch of IPB3 and the massive conflict with prototype and mootools we were forced to switch from our favorite library to another. So that delayed the release of Terra Nova for IPB3. Then we decided to re-make the skin and develop the absolute Forum 2.0 layout. Release date of both: Undefined. Expect release time frame: October 26 / November 14 (2009) Click here to download this file