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  1. Hello, I sent a feedback from a test user to my own profile but now not able to delete it. I dont see any delete button, although it is enabled from CP.
  2. Hello, One of the biggest competitors of my forum are not other forums but actually Facebook groups. My forum is on a niche topic (like the majority forums I suppose) and lately I started to notice that Facebook groups about the same topic as my forum are getting more and more active. It is very hard to compete with emerging bottom-up, more democratic platforms because they have certain advantages that I can not offer. Especially visibility and self-governance. I was wondering if there is any possibility to somehow integrate Facebook and the IPB? I believe the future of forums will be self-governing, democratic, flexible platforms. Much more like specialized social networks, than traditional forum structure. I would appreciate if you have any tips on this. How can I integrate Facebook / Facebook Groups to my platform? How can I improve the ownership and equal-governance of my community? Thank you!
  3. Hello, I assigned different mods to each discussion forum and I would like the names of each mod to be listed under the forum name. Is this still possible?
  4. Imagine if users could create a discussion forum themselves and become the admin of that forum like Facebook Groups, wouldn't it be great? I feel like the my content would be much greater and the platform would be much more active. The top-down set forum titles are limiting users and I believe that is why forums are not as popular as before. Because after some time the threads gets repetitive. However, if users could just open their own discussion forums whenever they want, that would foster a lot of creativity. I wonder if there is such option at the moment?
  5. Is it possible to turn on the manual approval of messages of a specific group of members in a specific forum?
  6. Hello, I have a problem with the classifieds section of my forum. It is the one of the most active part of the forum and also a very important part because it is a hobby discussion forum and second hand is really important for hobbyists. It is a local forum so many people know each other and there is the advantage of that in the classifieds section that people can trust each other easily. However, of course there are scammers and also people who are not hobbyists but trying to sell equipments just to make money which I have to prevent. How I prevent is by putting 25 message and 1 month old membership quota to post in the classifieds section. It works well to prevent these people, however sometimes new members post obvious random messages in the forum to pass the quota which can be really annoying. I also don't want the new members or members who doesn't have enough posts to go to competitor forums to post their ads. Does anyone have any solution for this? How do you prevent scammers and shop owners to post in your classified section but at the same time allow new members or passive members to still post their ads?
  7. Yes, I have pages. Would be great if you could share!
  8. Hello, I used similar sidebar blocks before on the forum, now I am using the IPB blocks instead of an external one. One of the most important differences, that most of my members also noticed is, the new sidebar blocks show the name of the owner of topic and the date of when the topic was started. However, I think the idea of creating a sidebar block with the most active, recent or popular topics is to show the users that your forum is active. For this reason, I think it makes more sense to show the name and the date of the last reply to that post. Its not only my request but also many of members of my forum suggested that it was much more useful to see that information. Best, Selim
  9. Hello, Is the Trader Feedback System compatible with IPB 4? Thanks
  10. Hello, I installed the v1.1.6 but couldn't manage to find where is the place to enter the Application ID and Facebook Page link?
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