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  1. Upon further examination, only the Root Admin can see all new content in the stream.
  2. To clarify, this is the activity stream and associated RSS feed.
  3. Hi, I have looked everywhere for a setting but cannot find it. When viewing NEW CONTENT as a guest, some forum posts are not showing up in the feed. When I log in, the posts are in the feed. The permissions in the forum allow guests to see forums and see posts. Am I missing a setting or is it a bug? Thanks
  4. Perfect! Thanks for the quick reply on that.
  5. OK.. I changed this: <span class='ipsType_light'>{lang="topic_started_date" htmlsprintf="\IPS\DateTime::ts( $topic->mapped('date') )->html()"}</span> To this: <span class='ipsType_light'>{lang="topic_started_date" htmlsprintf="\IPS\DateTime::ts( $topic->mapped('updated') )->html()"}</span> But how do I change the text from "Started" to "Updated"?
  6. That helped me a lot. How can I change it from showing the start date to showing the date of the last entry?
  7. Would be nice if the Topic Feed or Recently Updated Topics had the option to show the recently updated date instead of the topic started date. An end user may think that the thread is very old when in fact is just had a new reply. I attached a screen grab of the area that should have the option. The topic was updated today (4/5/2016) but a user may think the last activity was on March 30.
  8. Perhaps a new automatic feature such as "Post new content to Facebook/Twitter" would solve a lot of issues/concerns?
  9. I just upgraded my site to 4 and bang, no global RSS feed. That hurt. RSS to FB and Twitter is one way I keep my site traffic up.......... Bring them back.
  10. Here is a link to a site that has integrated that idea: http://try.discourse.org/t/robots-are-taking-our-jobs/118
  11. I like this also. Except, if you are already logged into one of the services, it will show that you are logged in and will allow you to post instantly.
  12. Is it possible to put the comments box under the last post, and disable that box once a new post has been made by a member? When a new post has been made by a member, it will add a new comment box under that. This way they are participating in the forum thread instead of just discussing the original post. They way you have it now, we would be having two branches of discussion off the original post. Example. -Member Post -Facebook comment -Facebook comment -Member Post -Member Post -Facebook comment -Member Post -Facebook Comment
  13. OK.. it appears that I have two possible templates in my ACP to use. One is the default one, one is blank. The blank one causes the emails to come through with the content. The other causes just the header and footer. Any way to fix this? Also, how do you change the logo in the email from the default IPB logo?
  14. If my ibfa_search_sessions was crashed, would this have caused the above issue?
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