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Entry Comments posted by HeadStand

  1. I got involved with forums soon after I got married (in 2003). My husband had a job with extremely late hours, we had no kids yet, and I was home from my own job by 6:00 and very, VERY bored. My husband is an avid fan of the New York Yankees, and really wanted me to join him at the games, so I started to learn a little more about baseball. I wanted to sound halfway intelligent, so I began spending time on the YES Network forums to see what other fans were saying. (Solid choice, Esther, hang around with crazy trolls. Excellent decision-making skills.)

    After a couple of months there, one of the more active members decided he was fed up with the sheer number of trolls and total lack of moderation - there was 1 moderator for nearly 1 million members. This guy was asking around to see if anyone could help him get the site up and running. As I mentioned, I was VERY bored, so I figured I'd do it.

    The site was running IPB 2.2, and I started poking around and learning how to customize things. Taught myself PHP by implementing the modifications, then started making my own. 

    Our site ran for nearly 5 years (and was really popular) before we had to shut it down simply because we had no time to run it. By then I was distributing my own minor modifications and doing really small custom pieces. 

    In 2010, I quit my job to go out on my own and do this full time. I love this job. I love that my customers never ever want the same things twice, I love that nearly anything is possible with IPS. I'm really enjoying watching the framework "grow up", so to speak. 

  2. The merged calendars model is supported for all of the major views in IP.Calendar: the monthly view, the weekly view, the daily view...and the new "event stream" view which we will talk about in a future blog entry (shhh).


    Publishing blog entries out of order, huh.... somebody needs to get up to speed on their proofreading. :)

  3. To be clear, this doesn't replace monthly/weekly/day view. It's another way of viewing what's upcoming this month.

    But it still doesn't give users a "list/agenda" view that's been missing. It looks beautiful, but the data is just all over the place. This would work well for blogs or gallery or even forums, but personally I think it just doesn't work here.

  4. I usually don't comment on these kinds of things, but i don't know what everyone's problem is.

    I've worked in software development (in a variety of different positions, not all of them development) for over 10 years. It is RARE that a company is going to be as open as IPS is about their upcoming features, so far in advance. IPS is not obligated to tell you ANYTHING about what's coming. Be grateful.

    Really people... if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it here.

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