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  1. Template System

    Only the topic. I had intended to implement this for the topic list, but some of the more recent changes to IPS has made my original approach impossible. I have not yet been able to find a good solution for that.
  2. Template System

    A new version has been uploaded to the Marketplace. Changes include: Updated and tested for 4.2 Compatibility Ability to place template content at the top of the item page, under the title. (Example: when viewing a topic, the content would be shown directly under the topic title, before any posts) Ability to place template content anywhere on the page. (Note: this feature will require theme edits.) HTML Editor fields were not displayed correctly. Fixed.
  3. Newsletters

    Untested, but I can't think of any reason why it shouldn't work.
  4. Client Area UI

    In IPB version 3, the Nexus Client Area had vertical tabs that allowed the user to navigate between the different areas. That was removed in version 4. Now, if you don't have a separate link in the main menu for each individual area, there is no way to access these screens. Can we please bring back the vertical tabs? Similar to the current Account Settings UI? I've had multiple clients request this change, as they don't want 25 links in the main menu for no reason. Thanks.
  5. Newsletters

    I'll look into it. No ETA as of yet. I'll try to fix the unsubscribe link this week. What specific error are you getting?
  6. Newsletters

    the stack trace you printed is telling me that you're not running the latest code. The line numbers in the trace don't match the actual structure. Can you please try downloading and installing the latest?
  7. Newsletters

    That's odd. It looks like it can't find the template at all. It should be under newsletters -> global -> content... do you have anything there?
  8. Storm: Dev Tools

    This app.... this app has saved my working life. Shaves a lot of time off of development - and that's just between the proxy class generator and the source files. The profiler is incredibly helpful when trying to figure out performance issues. 5 stars.
  9. Racing (& sports) resulst

    I'm not doing tournaments.
  10. Newsletters

    What version of IPS?
  11. Newsletters

    You should have more details in your system logs. Do you? Also, what version of IPS are you running? I haven't tested it yet, but it should.
  12. Template System

    I have not yet updated this product for 4.2 support. 4.2 is not even officially released yet.
  13. Template System

    What version of IPS are you running?
  14. Newsletters

    That's a standard IPS date and time field.
  15. Newsletters

    The topic title format is not a date field, it's plain text. I can't see how you can possibly get that particular error on that field. Can you please tell me which field is generating the error? I haven't tested it (yet), but it should work. I don't know of any code changes that would affect this app.