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  1. Like Button similar to XenForo

    I don't think you're correct here. There are a fair number of threads that mentions specific features that IPB has that people over at xF wants or is suggesting they look into. I think it's just a matter of business.. when something new be it a whole script or just an updated one, there are people that will want the very best for their site. This is why I mentioned eariler that people here need to be open and understand that some things xF will do will be better and there is no shame in saying hey, that's a great idea, let's see how we can implement it better here... You have people in vB, xF, SMF, phpBB, IPB and any other platform looking at the competitors and wanting more out of their script. It's the nature of customers.. As a customer, I love it when I see these threads because in the end, no matter what script you run, you the customer will win as all the script will get better through competition.. Jamie
  2. Any plans to improve the UI ?

    Hum... ya should get an Android device... :P Jamie
  3. Any plans to improve the UI ?

    I've seen your sneak peeks at the galley app and I really like the direction you're headed. Thanks for the hard work you're putting into IPB and our communities! Jamie
  4. Forum icons - are they really necessary?

    I agree with you that less equals more sometimes.. Sorry, I couldn't resist.. Do you mean like this: Jamie
  5. Any plans to improve the UI ?

    No offense taken.. I just like people to keep an open mind and anticipate there to be a bunch of '..let's do it like XenForo...' topics.. This shouldn't be seen as a bad thing as any suggestions, no matter where they come from can only help push our product forward. :) Jamie
  6. Any plans to improve the UI ?

    You start with "I don't really see almost anything that XF does better" and then go off on two features that you think are great and sleek... I think keeping an open mind and knowing that xF WILL have some things that work better than ours is a starting point we all need aware of. That isn't to say that xF has it right most of the time or they get it every time.. but don't discount the things they do, do well by saying ... 'I don't really see almost anything that XF does better'... Again, you say you disagree with it being less cluettery (is that a word) and then a few sentences down say perhaps IPB could use a sleeker design.. I think a lot of the 'features' of IPB are useful, but they are too prominent in the design. Look at the new skin Skinbox just created... it's clean, simple and would be easy for people to use. It's also how xF is. We should be able to find a balance, between a solid core and a clean design.. The first thing we need to do though is be open minded enough to know that some of the things xF will do will be better.. It's a given. With that, we can suggest new features, function and designs and move our platform forward. We can do that, or we can go pound sand and bury our heads and be passed by... For me, it's an easy pick. I like IPB and the team here, so if I see something, anyone has better I will suggest it to make this product better.. Jamie
  7. Any plans to improve the UI ?

    I think you have nailed it, xF offers a crisp clean design that does exactly what you would expect it to do. This cleanness does make xF 'addicting' but don't everyone want their guest/members to find your site addicting? :) I have found myself in tweaking my IPB install removing things that cause clutter.. Buttons that aren't active because you're not logged in, language changer when only one language present, the entire footer of the wrapper, etc.. I have added sometimes I thought would be useful, but am finding that it's just adding clutter... so I will be removing them soon. My ideal thing it to have the team here see that xF will hit some marks and will work in some areas.. use them to push this platform forward. (ie: Images! :) ) Cleaning up the design like Matt has already hinted at before xF came out. And lastly building this on top of the already solid core and making it all work together with all the apps.. While I am at it.. there is already an undertone of Xen Xen Xen and this will bring out the people here that will get upset at all the Xen topics.. It's my hope that this community can see with any new player on the market there are going to be many topics of this nature, and that doesn't mean people want IPB to copy xF... for me it just means I want IPB to continue to push forward and to for the lack of better words.. rip anything that is great in another platform and work it into IPB.. This only HELPS IPB grow through great ideas.. it doesn't matter where the idea came from. :) So let's not 'draw lines in the sand' let's step up a community and support each others wants and needs and if we don't want or need that feature, we'll just move on. Each community, each admin is different. I love IPB and don't plan on moving my community, but I do want some features of xF. This doesn't change my commitment to IPB at all.. it's just me looking out for my community which is my number one goal. Jamie
  8. Any plans to improve the UI ?

    While I agree that there is a trust built into running IPB, I fully trust Matt and the gang with my community, I do think there is still room for improvement. The way images are handled for example.. This is something I noticed at the beginning of using IPB, and I only link to xF because they are doing it better.. had someone else been doing it better there would have been a link to them instead. For me, this wasn't a issue I noticed just when xF came out.. it's been one for a while. I have mentioned how images are handled in IPB, have asked about how to manage them across all the apps and each time we talk about images it never seems to sink in that the current way is lacking. I don't want IPB to become a copy of any platform, but I do want them to be quick enough to see when things work better elsewhere and use that as a way to continue to move this product forward, and I do think for the *most* part they do this.. but to get any new features we have to ask for them and for me, it doesn't matter who's doing it better, if there is a 'need' here to do something better then the link/example will be that other platform. Jamie
  9. Download: Joie

    Very nice, very clean skin! Great job! Jamie
  10. Any plans to improve the UI ?

    Keir has stated in the forums that those were his doddles and he isn't sure he is fond of them either. I think they were working on the coding process and the 'pretty' icons took a back burner. That said, from the little I have used the xF ACP in playing around with it, I currently like the IPB ACP better. Jamie
  11. Any plans to improve the UI ?

    I like the way Search is handled, but would be interested to see how they would work it if they added other apps like IPB has.. I also like how the Multi page navigation works, but am not fond of the pop up on hovering over the title.. Maybe it's that I am not use to it.. Jamie
  12. Any plans to improve the UI ?

    The way images are handled over at xF is better. Here is a video showing an example of how it works. http://xenforo.com/community/threads/enhanced-attachment-uploader.4131/ Jamie
  13. Kier's new forum script: Xenforo

    Either I missed something or mis-read it, but from what I have seen the sale tomorrow is still going to happen. http://xenforo.com/community/threads/unforseen-circumstances-but.4743/ Jamie
  14. Kier's new forum script: Xenforo

    Without seeing the code and knowing what if anything has been used creating the violation, and unless they signed a non compete and decided to ignore it, I think that IB is starting this because of smoke and mirrors. Think about it, XenForo is set to go on sale this Tuesday (tomorrow) and now IB issues a lawsuit.. I think they did it because they didn't think they would win, but by doing this it would stop some from jumping ship at vB because the members would be afraid of what the future held. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I'm safe though.. I am in it for the long haul with IPB.. Matt you guys don't have anyone suing you do you? :o Jamie
  15. Vbulletin or IPB

    Well as someone that isn't part of the staff, developers or cheering section but has ran both systems... I will say without a doubt IPB. For me, it's more, much more than the software itself. It's the community that is behind it and supports it. If it were JUST about the script, then you can get them for free, but with those there is no support, or lacking in support. With IPB I can safely know my site will be up and running and if there is a problem I will have help fixing it. Since January when I downloaded the script I have used these forum and ticket support for a lot of things and each one of them has been answered. I have been only with IPB since April and I love it, my members love it and my SEO ranking loves it. Weigh all that with the cost to run this system vs vB can it's easily to see, that without a doubt, without a second thought IPB wins over the others hands down. Jamie ok, so maybe I am part of the cheering section... :)