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    I love programming, coding, scripting, basically anything in-between. I love classic-rock music. (The old 60's to 80's. Best times ever imho.)

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  1. Now GoDaddy has officially pissed me off. >.<

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    2. Collin1000


      Wait, diddn't you just say you were planning to get a 750/Mo with (mt) ?

    3. Fishfish0001


      Im so confused. Just get a Dedi if your spending more than $150. Some places have cheaper servers, or like 100TB has fk'ing crazy amounts of bandwidth.

    4. EBrown


      Well Collin, I wouldn't be paying much for the $750. Prolly, $100-$200. The problem with getting my own, is that it will be lower spec, and it won't save me as much having another guy front the bill.

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