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  1. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: Editor improvements

    Excellent as always :) What about the option to make a table? It's really strange that there isn't such option.
  2. Secondary Forum Titel Icons

    Hello, Do you want a different picture to each forum?
  3. This the second time I am starting such a topic, after 2 years. IPS, I want you to know that I am very satisfied of your service, and I really appreciate you. Quick & helpful response at the support tickets and staff members with patience. Thank you IPS, and I hope it won't be changed!
  4. RTE - Table

    Hello members and IPS staff! Many times I wanted to make a table while writing a post in my board, but I couldn't, because the RTE doesn't include the option to make a table. I know that developers can make a modification that can enable the option to make a table, but the RTE is so advanced editor, so I always ask - How doesn't the RTE include the option to make a table, as an default option? So I though it would be wonderful if the next version of the RTE [at the next version of IP.Board... (v.4)] include that option! :smile: Thank you in advance, and have an excellent day! :smile:
  5. Rich text editor

    For the next version, could you please add the option of making a table? (Like tables in Office Word, etc.)
  6. IP.Content 2.0 Dev Update: Articles

    Finally! This is really what I needed!
  7. Hey, In THIS page, there's a block "All Packages Include...". In this block, there's "Fantastic support". I think you should fix that to "The MOST fantastic support" :D Regards
  8. Some questions

    Firstly, thanks for answering my questions. Now, I don't understand what is this "Database Record". :huh:
  9. Some questions

    Thanks Brandon; Sorry for the misunderstanding, I'm meaning for "comments". In Israel we call it "talkbacks". :P Anyway, is it possible? Article with comments?Then I don't understand, can it post topics automatically?Thank you!
  10. Some questions

    Hello, I'm going soon to purchase a license for IPC. I have some questions before: [*]Is it possible that members can log their user in via the IPC? Adi :) Can I post articles with talkbacks?Is it possible that each page I post, it will open automatically for that a discussion topic in the forums?Is it possible to show the number of the active users?Is it possible to show Last Topics in the homepage?Can the IPC be the Home Page of my site [that the index (I'm meaning mydomain.co.il/) will be the home page]? Thank you in advance,
  11. Reputation Suggestion

    OK Michael. But Damn, why always members must add negative points? I think my suggestion is good for people that don't like it, as me.