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  1. Who was so brave to upgrade their live forums?

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    2. xChris777


      Well, I'm from West Virginia. Not the brightest state :) lol

    3. PromoPoker


      Can we see it cdkey?

    4. Aisha


      No. I haven't given the site out to anyone yet. There are no members cuz I'm still working on it. That's part of the reason why I had no problem upgrading xD

  2. IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: Editor Updates

    Great job.
  3. Ad Code Integration

    Could you please add a new setting to insert ads per forum? For example the ad after every first post shouldn`t be visible in a forum like Feedback or Administrative. Please, this is very important.
  4. IP.Board 3.2.0: Remote Skin Editing

    What about us Windows users? What ftp app supports WebDav?
  5. IP.Board 3.2.0: Notifications, Part 2

    I love the new design and i haven`t seen it all yet!!!!!
  6. I don`t want to go every time into my notifications to mark them all as read. So could you add Mark All Read in the dropdown menu? Could you make something like this? :
  7. I hate IE6!!!

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    2. Amy T

      Amy T

      Those who still use it should be told to stop they are putting their computer at a huge risk.

    3. TheRevTastic



    4. Amy T

      Amy T

      That percent is way to high. Needs to be .5 or less.

  8. Emoticons - its time for much needed overhaul!

    I hope all the ideas posted here will be taken in consideration for the next release 3.2
  9. Topic Template System

    I installed your application on v3.1.4 and it is not working. I get a white screen when starting a new topic. Do i have to do any specific modifications or should it work out of the box?
  10. Emoticons - its time for much needed overhaul!

    I really hope to see it in v3.2
  11. 3.2 Wish list ...

    How could you forgot about the so much needed Emoticons overhaul. [url=" topic
  12. Anybody knows why Yahoo! and Facebook servers were down?

  13. Who was offering IP. Content template services here?

    1. Graeme Leighfield

      Graeme Leighfield

      I can do IP Content stuff... PM me with what your after :)

  14. Developing a full poker portal with IP.Content

  15. No, you don`t have to, just check the option for Watch Topics i post in.