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  1. The new forumindex....

    Totally agree!
  2. Get Ready For IPS 4.0!

    So all my tables are utf8_general_ci and need to be modified using the UTF8 converter script to utf8_unicode_ci. Two questions: 1. How lonq will i typically take to change collation on all tables? 2. Will it create new tables or will it just modify the existing tables?
  3. To make it clear for users there should be a "Solved" tag/indication in the View New Content for the topics that have a "best answer" as well as in the Recent Topics hook in the sidebar, or preferably ACP options for activating this.
  4. Some IE Errors here at IPB

    Here is the solution to IE10 problems: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/367648-fix-for-ie10-compatibility-issues/
  5. Cannot agree more. I hit this issue today. Un-archiving hundreds of topics manually is not an option, as is un-archiving all topics then move the topics only to enable archiving once again when the move is done. I cannot delete a forum section either without un-archiving all. 3.4.0 must contain a remedy for this.
  6. License Changes Live

    Nice, this is really good!
  7. Using the tags system with prefixes does not work 100% well. Say you add 5 tags to a topic and when the topic is solved you want to mark it as "SOLVED" by using "Set the first tag as prefix". To achieve this one must delete all tags and add "SOLVED" first, then add all tags back. Having a solution to edit the first tag or add a tag first would be very nice.
  8. Yesterday morning I upgraded my 3.2.3 board to 3.3.2 with all the latest addons. Even though I waited for a couple of maintenance releases before upgrading to a new major version there were some issues and questions raised. This resulted in 7 support tickets which in turn resulted in a couple of problems solved by IPS, three resulting bug reports in the Tracker and the rest I could solve myself after getting the solution from IPS and/or being pointed.in the right direction. So what I am saying is that after less than 24 hours I have been able to get not only quick but also very precise support which has made my board the way I want it to be. Many thanks for the great support and also the great product upgrades. Looking forward to what's coming next :)
  9. Looking forward to 3.3.0!

  10. Many of my reported forum topics result in that they have been posted in the wrong forum section. This information should be prominent in the center for reports in moderation tools.
  11. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Miscellaneous Enhancements

    [quote name='ExoPaul' timestamp='1325716580'] The Login as Member feature.... would you be able to make posts as that member or is it purely to see how they would view the site regarding permissions, etc. Yeah, could be an interesting point of view. Member trust... It seems to me you could impersonate any user on your forums?
  12. Linkedin Connect

    LinkedIn connectivity would be great!
  13. IP.Content 2.3 Dev Update: Navigation Bar

    [quote name='markopolo2002' timestamp='1325170939'] Really like the direction IPContent, and IPBoard in general is going :) Could not agree more, IP.Board 3.3 plus IP.Content 2.3 will be awesome!
  14. Automatic backup

    MySQLDumper sounds like a SQL only database dump. That does not help me if my provider drops dead. I want a full IP.Board backup which means SQL plus files. One solution that is the key :)