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  1. 4.0 - Embeddable content

    Will this handle only IPB content or also 3rd party pages implementing oembed ( http://oembed.com/#section7 )? Will ipb4 also provide a oEmbed content?
  2. If all 2 spaces are youre own servers you could also do mount the second one on youre first server. Then you don't need to move the files with ftp, etc...
  3. IP.Blog 2.1.0 Wrap Up

    how exactly will the group blog work? can everybody have a group blog and add "authors" to it?
  4. Event Forum

    Just wanted to ask, if somebody coded this already.
  5. vBulletin Refugees

    That's not the same. With the advanced forum rules, you can change the rules and all the users must read and confirm then (if the admins want). If they don't confirm, they will be banned i think Here's the link missing to the mod^^
  6. German Support?

    there's also a great (in)official german support board;) www.ipbsupport.de
  7. vBulletin New CMS

    yea, that's true. I've seen it also with my customers, as i said, that i want to switch there boards to ipb. They all said: "its looking different, were loosing time with learning new stuff, we will lose many users, because they don't like new interfaces.... But here it's really "terrible". We(because i'm also one of them^^) want big rabatt, all the important vb features should be built into ipb3, all the "necessary" modifications should exist, etc...
  8. Next Conversion Sale

    Just to point it out^^ And now only one question^^ Do you also have some discounts for more licences? ATM i have 1 IPB licence, 4 vb licences and i also take care of around 20 vb boards where i'm the forum-admin. So atm it seems that i have to get >10 licences because not every admin/owner of the boards i'm managing want to change.
  9. First Look: IP.Content 1.1.0

    Because of: Does that mean i can only create "articles" and not: Admin create a database "cars" with type,year,motor,miles fields. Now the user could create his own record for his car, which everybody could see? Edit: phu now im confused:D also you'r link is wrong http://community.invisionpower.com/resources. the dot is in the a tag
  10. IPB 3 Hook System

    Is there a Tutorial which is also available for "guests"??? I'd like to check how hard it would be to "learn" the code and how long it would need to convert all my vbulletin add-ons to ipb if i switch
  11. Event Forum

    I've coded this for my vbulletin, but because of all the chaos in the vb community and because i like the direction ipb is moving. The only problem is that i have no access to the ressource?? area, so i can't see the tutorials and i don't know how hard it will be to code
  12. Event Forum

    Is it possible to create automatically thread after e event has been posted? I need it for my events forum