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  1. Favorite Browser?

    Waterfox aka from firefox source 64bit only and very good experience/speed etc
  2. Ip4 Release date?

    Yes one date will it's very nice to know, at least approximately :)
  3. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    Yes, specific forum Basically a mod that can be said to be linked up to this issue is the "Shoutbox Topic Alert" might to be caused by this mod the problem
  4. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    no Dmacleo, do not use some mod on rss, via official acp> forums & RSS Management> import rss we have add some rss import there, and topics that go in the forum and respectively to appear in the shoutbox created this problem Also, as I said in my previous post here on topic, this problem arises when the rss is performed automatically by the system if i try to manually run the rss url working fine on shoutbox also never had a similar problem with older versions
  5. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    Yes I understand what you say, but some idea of ​​what may happen! but If not can you think of a solution that you are creator of this mod, then who! If you want perhaps we can give you some access to our site for you take a better look about it
  6. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    hey guys, some update about my problem!!! Pete T@ You can check it!
  7. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    Hi, can someone tell me if you had a similar problem with us about automatically import rss that come in the shoutbox!!! our problem is that the URL that automatically appear in the shoutbox, come out like this http://mydomain.eu/index.phptopic/blablablablablabla/?view=getlastpost the problem is "index.phptopic" It must have been to work properly the link like this http://mydomain.eu/topic/blablablablablabla/?view=getlastpost Note that this happens when the rss work automatically, for example if you run any rss by hand, the link work fine have a similar problem someone from you! We have ask help from the developer of the mod for some time, but without any substantial response Thanks
  8. Shoutbox Topic Alert

    Update: Issue has fix... i have change some lines from htaccess and all ok
  9. Shoutbox Topic Alert

    Hi, we have a problem about this mod When will open a new topic everything works well, but when in the chat show topics that come from RSS the url is like this http://mydomain.com/index.phptopic/ID-BLA BLA BLA name topic/?view=Getlastpost is a problem of mod thanks in advance
  10. Download: Fusion Menu

    Hi, this mod has update for the latest version of ipb!!!! Thanks
  11. Post Anonymously

    hi, this mod can to work with 3.2.x? very good mod, nice job
  12. Teams

    Very good mod but this mod can to work with ipb 3.23!!!! :unsure:
  13. Topic Close & Delete Later

    ok sir thanks for the answer :)
  14. Topic Close & Delete Later

    this mod can to work with ipb 3.2
  15. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    Hi guys, this mod not support with 3.2