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  1. Download: Sea Shells

    I appreciate your efforts... However these designs look like they are from 1985.
  2. Index

    Perhaps work with the Community Devs to make the global shoutbox use the IP.Chat framework instead so that we could have private chat right off the box and the community devs dont have to keep working on a pretty much competing product
  3. Spamming of Affiliate Links

    I'll follow da leader too, I guess. :P
  4. Spamming of Affiliate Links

    Still, the point of this topic is to not just remove them for myself, but stop the act of making money from people who already found their way to the IPS website just by putting an image in your sig.
  5. Spamming of Affiliate Links

    What I'm about to say is me restraining myself from not only making fun of, but making you feel stupid. There's a clear difference between flashing images with the hope of getting clicked on for them to make money or an image that does not flash and is not linked anywhere. If you still find it annoying, then I suggest you use AdBlocker and block the image from showing. ;). Now, I have kind of changed my mind about the whole putting affiliate links in pre-sales, but I'm still against flashing images and links in your signature. I'm done here. *expects Wolfie to write an essay in his defense after this post*.
  6. Spamming of Affiliate Links

    I'm not singling you out. Many other people do it, too. You just happen to have the most attention getting signature around. Even if you didn't have that in your signature, I still would have made this topic. Not everything is about you. ;) Furthermore, even if you chose to believe that it's me who's singling you out, read the above posts. Everyone except the people who do it agree.
  7. Spamming of Affiliate Links

    I would love it if a staff member posted in here. It's pathetic.. Many people are obviously annoyed by it. It's unprofessional. Woflie, if you want to help people that ALREADY ARE CONSIDERING buying IP.Board, then do so at your own will, but you shouldn't expect to make money off of it, as everyone else has said. Also, please don't try to quote my post and write an essay defending yourself. I'm not interested in it. Thank you.
  8. Spamming of Affiliate Links

    Can a moderator please move this to the IPS Company Feedback forum, instead of having it in the IP.Board subforum? Thanks.
  9. Drag n Drop Tabs (ACP Template Editor)

    I think I came off as rude, it was honestly not my intention. I was trying to be funny... Sorry for the confusion. But as I said, I think it'd be a handy little feature.
  10. Drag n Drop Tabs (ACP Template Editor)

    Thank you for giving your much warranted/needed approval. @OP, you should feel honored. :) On a more serious note, I can see this being useful. Although I know nothing about coding, doesn't seem like it would be too hard.
  11. Spamming of Affiliate Links

    Personally, I have no issue with people giving the link outside of the IPS forums entirely. But come on, I don't even think that putting it in your signature should be allowed (even more so adding flashing images which for a fact, annoying.) I mean, I clicked on your link instead of clicking at the top of the forums, so you should get money? No. I'm already here looking into purchasing IP.Board. Should people get credit because a flashing image caught my attention and I decided to click on it? My $0.02 x2
  12. I'm not sure if it's just myself, but people spamming their affiliate link for IP.Board and other products on these forums has gotten a bit excessive and annoying at the least. Not saying any names, but there are some (at least one) that put their affiliate links everywhere (status, signature, posts, etc). Shouldn't the whole posting of affiliate links on this forum be banned? Isn't the goal to attract completely new customers, not ones that have already made their way to invisionpower.com? I myself don't like clicking on tinyurl links that have hidden affiliate codes and what not. Maybe it's just me, and maybe other people get annoyed too. Just my two cents.
  13. Will 3.1 b1 have an upgrade path to b2?

    1. bgk


      See http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/310059-310-beta-1-released/page__view__findpost__p__1949001

  14. Latest Copy

    So Matt posted saying he updated to the latest development copy of IP.Board but none of bfarber's notification improvements are showing up... What's going on?