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  1. CloudApp mediatag

    File Name: CloudApp mediatag File Submitter: Frankl.in File Submitted: 05 Apr 2012 File Category: Integration Replace CloudApp links with a linked thumbnail when suffixed with .thumb http://cl.ly/ARq9.thumb As CloudApp links can be any kind of content, only images have an interesting thumbnail. With the suffix the poster can decide if he wants to display the thumbnail or a normal text link. here to download this file
  2. Force applications to use certain network connections

    I have the same problem with public hotspots and 3G here and setup a SSH server on port 80 on one of my server's spare IP's. Then I made a tunnel (SOCKS5) with Putty and that can be set in about all apps. This way the accesspoints see my traffic as regular. Forcing an app to a specific interface in Windows sounds great, but 2 uplinks is much work. If you have a server/vps somewhere you may want to consider my method.
  3. The question/answer feature for new registrations turns out to be much more effective than the random GD and reCaptcha on my board. However, when a guest is posting the only protection is still either disable guest posting or use the random GD code which is very vulnerable to OCR bots. Could you add the question/answer system to guest posting too?
  4. has set their status

  5. Thanks for your help with my Dynamic Lists problem. Great URL. Very clever. :)

  6. Hi Stuart, are you family of Matt?