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  1. [DR] Live Streams

    Working fine
  2. User Geolocation Restriction

    AVSIM's Geolocation is offline too.
  3. [GFX] Forum Statistics Sidebar

    Does this work in IP Content blocks?
  4. User Restrictions

    Blocking guests works well, except that it also blocks registered Tapatalk members. Is there any way this can be fixed?
  5. Single Use License Keys (SULK)

    Thanks Ryan. Is there a timeline for that?
  6. Single Use License Keys (SULK)

    I have a problem with SULK. I mistakenly assigned KEYS to a product that were already assigned to another. How do I remove keys from that product in order to repopulate the product with new keys? I have not seen any remove function. Thanks for the assist.
  7. [HQ] Image Zoom

    Well, I purchased it, and installed it per the instructions, updated skins, cache, etc. and it doesn't work for me. We are running IPB 3.4.5.
  8. (M34) Videos System

    Misunderstanding. I am trying to create categories and that is the error that is thrown when I do. We won't be streaming video but provide a simple library of videos hosted elsewhere.
  9. (M34) Videos System

    When we had Video System installed earlier, we never saw this issue. Any advice on how to fix it? I don't have this with any of our other modules and add ons. Thanks.
  10. (M34) Videos System

    I have gone back in this topic to earlier this year to see if this was reported and there was a fix available. There wasn't as far as I could find. I have also reported this to Mike in the DEVFUSE Ticket System yesterday. I will cross post it here hoping to hear from someone with a fix. It is probably something stupid we are doing, but I need to ask anyway. I have re-installed Video Systems 3.0.2 after upgrading my license yesterday, and am getting this error when attempting to set a category: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 1073741824 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 65536 bytes) in /opt/webdocs/newsite/forum/fiji001/applications_addon/other/videos/sources/categories.php on line 116 When accessing the video system without a category available, I get: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /opt/webdocs/newsite/forum/fiji001/applications_addon/other/videos/modules_public/display/index.php on line 86 I am assuming the second error results from having no categories available. Any suggestions for a fix?
  11. Keyword Tooltips

    That appears to have taken care of the problem Michael. Why do we have to keep doing that? Is there a fix for that? It has been around a while and it has never been solved by IPB as far as I can tell. Am running 3.4.5 and am surprised to still see this. In short, I should have thought of that as the solution. Thanks!
  12. Keyword Tooltips

    Installed and am having users encounter this: Fatal error: Call to a member function hoverJS() on a non-object in/opt/webdocs/newsite/forum/hooks/keywordTooltipsGlobalJS_6810c5897970284b8c27f9608f8532ad.php on line 16 Any hints Michael? I also like the idea of tying it in to Nexus and using it as a revenue generator.
  13. Downloads: Additional Authors

    Added the update and though it works in the IPDownloads public section allowing us to add multiple authors, I have no access to changing or adding ROLES in the ACP / OTHER APPS / DOWNLOADS. Nothing appears and I have reset skins and done all I know to do to get that function to appear. Nothing. Any suggestions? I would pay to have that added as well.
  14. Downloads: Additional Authors

    Thank you. Adding it now.