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  1. Free license for developer

    Hmm nothing is free so why do you think you deserve a free license from IPS?
  2. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    I'm sorry because it seems that you did not understand so here as I try to explain everything. 1. You do many have shouts in Shoutbox. 2. You delete a shout through moderator options of that shout you are deleting. 3. After that shout is deleted it cause "No shouts have been made in the Shoutbox, why don't you add one to get the Shoutbox started?" message appearing in the shoutbox. 4. You make a newer shout and that message disappears. My thinking answer is that message saying "No shouts have been made in the Shoutbox, why don't you add one to get the Shoutbox started?" appearing was not supposed to show up at all when you currently have other shouts in the Shoutbox. Do you understand what I'm trying to explain now?
  3. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    Look quote below that I added. Thank you
  4. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    thanks as I have reported this before and it was ignored. This only happen if you are a guest user (not logged in) hopefully this time Pete fix it. however with "No shouts have been made in the Shoutbox, why don't you add one to get the Shoutbox started?" appearing is when you delete a shout before a newer shout is submitted.
  5. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    Hello I have the latest shoutbox of 1.4.0 installed and why I sometime see a red box above the shouts that says No shouts have been made in the Shoutbox, why don't you add one to get the Shoutbox started? even there are shouts.
  6. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    I renewed mine earlier this morning and like Marcher Technologies said he has no control to correct the filename so I guess it really still goes toward to him because of my other links directory purchases and it has same ID. they also are all 12.50 renewal per year with each link directory you purchase.
  7. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    true it is a very popular application for many years ;)
  8. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    I found a unreported bug! as it has been filled in at http://www.marchertech.com/board/tracker/issue-46-affiliates-on-a-mobile/ :smile:
  9. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    It indeed is and I think there is a way on their site? or am I misunderstanding?
  10. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    I hope thumbshots stay as I'm prepaid until April 2014 because it was required to pay for a year as I wanted to pay through my Paypal account for my sites and as for to add an alternate option see quote below. ;) Of course keep this in your mind that nothing is really free.
  11. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    Since no one will help me with IP.Links 3.2 I had to do it on my own to figure it out as I have explained using my past experience. Enjoy if you are having the same problem. Open adminapplications_addonotherlinkssourcesclassLinks.php Replace: if ( $this->settings[ 'l_show_thumbnail' ]) { $link[ 'thumbnailUrl' ] ='http://open.thumbshots.org/image.aspx?url=' . urlencode( $link[ 'link_url' ]); } To: if ( $this->settings[ 'l_show_thumbnail' ]) { $link[ 'thumbnailUrl' ] ='http://images.thumbshots.com/image.aspx?cid=[paste your cid]&v=1&w=88&url=' . urlencode( $link[ 'link_url' ]); }NOTE: Remember to paste your cid that you read off your own image address at thumbshots site through your account at Thumbshots Images Plan
  12. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    I know that and I just need to know the location in the file to manual adding the API code to be included in the thumbshot image file because of the way I made one of my site was to use IPB 3.1.4 and another one of IPB 3.2.3 as a separated copy apart from the official board using latest version of IPB. Also yes each board is on a different license each. Also as for the IPB 3.2.3 board copy the links directory is actually linking to the official board but for IPB 3.1.4 is very different with other skins. Again that is how I set it that way few years ago.
  13. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    I'm not sure if you were talking to me, Everything is working fine that I see using 4.0.8 on three of my boards that use link directory as they are IPB 3.4.3 entering in my API key from thumbshots site. It is just that on IPB 3.1.4 that I needed to know what file and what location to add my API key in the address because marcher says that it is not compatible with IPB 3.1.4 by upgrading to 4.0.8 of Links Directory from 3.2.2 of IP.Links.
  14. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    Alright do you know what file to add API key in the address that comes automatically parsing links? I'm still purchasing third links directory package for HHE v2 - Development Board because that board is 3.4.3. ;)
  15. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    In ACP through Other Apps -> Links Directory -> Management -> Settings. Look for Thumbshots Premium API Code option. Enjoy! :smile: Again is this 4.0.8 copy of Links Directory upgrading from IP.Links of 3.2.2 working fine on IPB 3.1.4 because of thumbshots change that requires API key? If so I think I should purchase 3rd links directory package because it is a separated IPB installation under a different IPB license that I own due to your new policy. Let me know if this will work in 3.1.4 of Invision Power Board series or not and if it do I would go ahead to purchase third links directory package.