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  1. When you say "community vote" Charles are you referring to if you should or should not support charity or if voting on which charity everytime it's time to rotate to support? It's unfortunate that both will cause arguments and in the end only hurt those that are actually supported by these charities but you are running a business and it's sad to say that no matter how good your intentions now that this has come a little more into focus you may need to decide whats best for business. In the end there will always be entitled, opinionated members or as I like to call them lobbyists :smile: that will start this fight. I guess you have to decide if it's a fight you're willing to take on. I would also like to point out and this is in no way an accusation to Jessica but if you are a customer why are you not part of the customer group? I also notice that your site is not utilizing IPB products in any form. Why are you really here?
  2. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    This would be ideal if at all possible :)
  3. Download: (P33) Server List

    Well the frags and deaths isn't a big thing but it would be nice if you could do the teams. If you feel that those are good things to implement that would be great. Would really make this a great tool for gaming communities.
  4. Download: (P33) Server List

    1. Great idea 2. Well, all the servers. Essentially have a servers tab that takes them to the public page that lists all the servers and when an individual server is clicked it scrolls open to reveal the more detailed info like the players list and what team they are on, maybe a frags/deaths listing for each and the map image. Similar to what hlstatsx does if you've ever seen how they do it. Would keep the header/sidebar less cluttered. You could even add a link at the bottom of the header/sidebar telling people to view a full server listing that leads to that page as you already have the option to not show a server in the header/sidebar. That way people could list their most popular servers in the header/sidebar but still allow visitors to see all of the servers. As far as I know all of that can be done using the gameq returns all of that player info, I just suck at PHP and have no idea how to code it :/ Again, these are just suggestions but would be awesome to have and I'm sure you could add a few dollars to your asking price as well with these features.
  5. Download: (P33) Server List

    1. I guess it depends on space... I mean full name would be best but if not just the game type. 2. Maybe consider just turning the info screen into an actual page. Like have the server list also as an application that maybe has collapse functionality so when you click on a server it scrolls with the server info, player info and the map image. Then have the header and sidebar just having the little i icon direct to that page? Or have a quick info like it is now and a full info link. That may be beyond your vision but would add a lot of value.
  6. Download: (P33) Server List

    I've been looking for someone to do this forever! Was actually thinking about having it custom made. Are you planning on taking requests for new features and supporting it? There is a couple basic things I would like to see in the future before purchasing. If you can commit to that in the future I would definily purchase it now. 1. Gametype on the header/sidebar. We currently run multiple gametypes and don't list the names of the game in the hostname for obvious reasons. 2. Maybe a map image on the info screen that also shows the players, 3. Many Steam/Valve games like CS, CSS, CSGO, TF2 have the ability to be launched directly from a URL on a webpage. I've actually hard coded a very similar system using ip.content but it's a pain in the <snip> to maintain. You may even consider having a servers page with more detailed information about each server while still keeping the header and sidebar minimal. Just my 2 cents. http://www.cause4alarm.net has the gametype and the connect links format if you would like to take a look.
  7. (Wolf) Global Menu

    Great Hook Wolfie! Have you looked into the RTE issue by chance? We are obviously able to get it working by turning off RTE but would prefer to be able to use RTE when posting, etc. Thanks!
  8. Download: Steam Profiles Tab 3.0.4

    http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=712550#post712550 You may want to take a look at the code attached to that post. It is possible to convert steamid's into community id's. The whole topic is about it but that specific post is what you need. We ask all member's to enter their steamid's for multiple reasons and having them add the community id as well seems redundent. Thanks!