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  1. Was editing my post when you replied
  2. what tool ? If meaning as per the screenshot then need developer tools
  3. Not sure I understand what you mean to make the area I am referring to show then in custom.css (no idea of other areas without seeing the html/css used) .ipsApp.ipsApp_front .ipsType_sectionTitle.ipsHide { display: block; }
  4. QOTW: Name the one thing you cannot live without

    You look around you (walking, on bus, plane, train ... in fact anywhere) and tell me what they cannot live without and it will be their phone whether it is for music, gaming, talking to friends etc .... they could not live without it for a week ... they would be pulling their hair out. No matter where you look ... someone is using their phone Would really love mobile operators to close their transmitters for a few days all at same time and see how they get on
  5. But a bit of css will hide it anyway if not wanted without having to touch the template (otherwise may have to revert template for each upgrade and then re-do the change) It has always been there so why change something that isn't broke. Seems IPS coders spending more time doing these silly small not required changes to templates when there are more important issues that need resolving Just my two cents worth Have made that area viewable with css so no need to touch template but as said it could have been hidden by using css without you adding code to template if someone did not want it to show.
  6. As per title What is purpose of this line in the html template <h2 class="ipsType_sectionTitle ipsHide ipsType_medium ipsType_reset ipsClear">5 topics in this forum</h2> If do not want it to show then why not remove it completely It just seems so silly, earlier versions it was showing but now you add the class .ipsHide If we alter the template to remove the .ipsHide then we have to revert template and remove the css from template with possibly every upgrade Unless someone can explain a good reason why it is now like that ?
  7. Why can I not access Client Area

    But when I enter my login details (as mentioned) I am locked out for 29 minutes Anyway am using FF now and all works (so far)
  8. Why can I not access Client Area

    really weird ... always used to be that if logged into forum then did not have to log into Client Area as well
  9. Why can I not access Client Area

    Ok, thanks ... guess have to forget IE11
  10. Why can I not access Client Area

    really strange When you click the Client Area link (top left) do you have to still log in again ?
  11. Why can I not access Client Area

    Maybe but doesn't solve the original issue as should not happen in first place so does it mean a 'bug' somewhere (when using IE11) or am I the only one experiencing this issue?
  12. Is anyone else having these issues accessing Client Area, as after entering my details (which are 100% correct) it tells me have been locked out for 29 minutes. This is really silly and annoying as have reported it but am getting absolutely no response Also, why should I have to enter my details when am already logged in on the forum, should they not work together ? Am using IE11
  13. QOTW: What was your first computing memory?

    Wow, that brings back good memories. Mine was a ZX81 (1K RAM) ... can you imagine that 1K, yet it worked fine, was a friends that he showed me when I visited him. I was so impressed that I ordered a ZX Spectrum 48 (this was 48K memory) a few weeks later then had to purchase a cassette recorder to connect to it to load the games, I remember getting that on credit and was so pleased when I got it, eventually started to try and write my own games (in Basic as it was called then) I used to play games on that but got fed up losing all my lives (usually 3 or 5) and having to start game again so started to learn to 'hack' into the game and changing the code to get endless lives. Then progressed to Spectrum 128+ (128K ... ok you already guessed that I suppose) with disc drive and managed to convert all my games (which were on cassette tape) to the discs and carried playing games and still practise Basic code and then the Z80 code which was fairly simple at the time for me. Bought books and magazines to help me. I still have some of the old discs lying around (some still with the games on and some unused as well) but sadly no Spectrum Had that one for years and still had it when got married and got the wife playing some games as well, some nights up until 4am (no idea where the time went as ... 'just one more game then go to bed' and before we knew it we found it was 4am) Good times had with those, but ask me about the code of nowadays ... forget it .... wouldn't even know where to even start.
  14. New landing page

    11 days since I posted about the IE11 issue (above), nothing done yet as I notice it is still the same.