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  1. 4.0 - Profiles

    I was wondering if it were possible to post images in the Status Feed comments. And might links be given thumbnail images like on social networking sites? I know that might be too much to ask for considering the limited usage of the feature compared to sites like Facebook using it as the backbone of their operations, but it might be something interesting to think about for the future.
  2. 4.0 - Q&A Forums

    Perfect. And I like the design.
  3. 4.0 - Embeddable content

    I'm glad we're getting more blog posts recently! This is an awesome feature!
  4. One Last Question

    Hi there, I think I have one last question before I purchase the Community in the Cloud $10/mo. Package. I asked this question in a previous topic, but after seeing some others make the same request, I thought I'd ask again just to make sure. I'd be intending for this Cloud Package to be placed on my sub-domain from my original site (which is run on a WordPress platform). So in this example, the WordPress Homepage would be run at www.example.com. Can I have the IPS-hosted Cloud Package run/install on a sub-domain from my original domain, i.e. www.forum.example.com? And if I should decide in the future to drop WordPress as my homepage and just use IP.Content, would it be difficult, using the Community in the Cloud package, to transfer the domain location of the forum from a sub-domain (www.forum.example.com) to the primary domain (www.example.com)? If I get this answered I'm hopeful to buy the package before the end of the day. :) Thanks!
  5. Thank you very much! You may close the topic if you'd like - you've given me all the answers I need.
  6. Can't wait for 4.0!

  7. Hi there, Firstly, apologies in advance for the extremely long block of text ahead. I've been a fan and license holder (until recently) since 2009 and love IP.Board. I think by far it's the best forum software on the market today, best organized and designed, with many features that my prior forums I operated couldn't live without. Times changed and I dropped my license I've held since 2009 to install the software on my hosting company's services. I recently began operating a business and couldn't handle the tech-end of operating a forum on my own servers. So, I'm interested in the Community in the Cloud service IPS offers. But, I've got a few questions if someone doesn't mind answering: 1) I'm interested in selling merchandise on my future IPS-hosted forum, but not immediately (a few months from now probably). I'm more interested in building my community before trying to sell something to them, haha. I know IPS has different monthly levels to pay for different service add-ons and amounts of online users within a 48 hour average window. So, if I were to buy the basic $10/mo. package today, and in 2 weeks we surpass 10 users online at once (within the average window time frame) would I have to pay not only $10 for the first month, but $20 for the same month because I've been bumped up in users during that first month? Or would I be paying $10 for the first month, and the second month be paying $20/mo.? (Hopefully that makes sense). 2) Do guests count in regards to the 48 hour average window before I get bumped up to the next pay bracket, or not? And if those guests are bots like Google or Yahoo!, do they count or not? 3) In regards to modifications, skins, and hooks, do these have to be in the IPS Marketplace, or can they be from an outside developer who for one reason or another just doesn't upload them for sale on the IPS Marketplace? (There's a popular IP.Board skinner who I really wish to buy a skin from, who I'm sure many IPB communities have purchased from before, but I don't see his work in the IPS Marketplace). 4) I do have a WordPress for my website already. But I don't want to loose it, or connect it to IP.Board (there's really no log-in section for it, so there'd be no purpose. We don't really even use it as a blog, more like a splash page for info). But I'd like to create the IPS-Hosted forum on a sub-domain that'd be linked from my website to this sub-domain that I own. Is this possible to do with the Community in the Cloud service? (And yes, eventually we'll look into the possibility of using IP.Content as our homepage, but for now, I think it's fine for us at the moment). 5) I know we're all looking forward to an amazing new upgrade to IP.Board, the 4.0 Suite. Because I'd be on IPS' Hosting with Community in the Cloud, would my board be automatically upgraded when it's officially released, or would I have to give my approval before it's upgraded to that new software version? (I can just forsee that some things involving modifications, hooks, and skins may be off if it's updated without updating the rest of the mods, hooks, and skins at the same time - which I'd have to await their updates from the developer of those applications/skins). 6) Does Community in the Cloud involve IP.Chat and if so, how many active users at once? Yeah, so really 6 questions. I'd really love to get back into IPS' software again. I think it's better than many forum software these days, especially since vBulletin 4 & now 5 are becoming train wrecks and severely overpriced. Plus, I'd like to say the folks at IPS are really pricing their Community in the Cloud services at amazing prices. Granted, in the long run it might be easier to buy your own license, but for people like me who are tech challenged or want to ensure uptime and support, it's a win win. Great prices, great software, and great service - very commendable. Thanks and hope to hear a response back before I end up purchasing the service, CDMS
  8. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: IPS Connect

    This sounds amazing. I'll be using this for sure when it comes out. Do you have a time frame on a release of 3.4?
  9. Wondering if anybody here is really good with web developing for a minor app for IPB that I'd like to discuss or web programing (probably the latter). Hit me up with a PM. ;)

  10. Looking for somebody who knows how to do a great custom skin and who has a lot of great artistic talent.

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      She got hurt but shes back now

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      I'm not sure she takes custom requests anymore though.

    4. .Corey
  11. I heard there's probably going to be a BETA 3... Any ideas as to when the final release of 3.2.x will be? I hope before mid August...

  12. I see BETA 2 came out! Hope the official version of the software comes out soon! And, anybody know if there's a mod for Articles or Pages out there? I've seen it for 3.1.x and 3.2.x but I haven't found any info on it in the IPS Marketplace. Any idea?

  13. Loving the new "Look & Feel" of IPB 2.3! Much easier and more organized!

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      I prefer IPB 1.3 but that's just me...

  14. At this rate, I'm assuming that 3.2 might come out in early June? It's gotta be soon if there's already a testing site for it. BTW - I love the new look. It's awesome!

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      When is it ready?

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      Will be ready by tommorow.

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      August looks more likely

  15. Anybody know if I can integrate IPB into SocialEngine 4? I'd really love to!