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  1. (BIM42) Chatbox

    After refresh, the size of the chat box returns default
  2. Renewal question

    Until now I was paying $ 40 for renewal. Why now 60$?
  3. Enkidu 3D Tags Cloud

    There is no such block for ip.content..
  4. Queued Items

    Hi, Michel Any chance this works on IP.Contet Block? I think it's very helpful to see a queue items on the home page.
  5. Queued Items

    How can I turn off the display blog etrys and comments from Queued Items? edit: i delete the /admin/applications_addon/ips/blog/extensions/queuedItems.php and they disappeared. :)
  6. Сори за грешното описание :) Тогава още не беше излезнало 3.2 Но ако с този превод се ъпдейтне до 3.2, той си остава, а останалата част, която е малка, може човек и сам да си я допреведе.
  7. My setting Forums Watch every topic I reply to If enabled, choose default notification type: No E-mail Notification [Save changes] Watched Content - Topics tab edit: or Search Result sorting: Last Update Time - Descending (z-a) Find author: ... Do not show a post preview
  8. File Name: Bulgarian Language Pack: IP.Board, Gallery, Blog, Content File Submitter: zoeker File Submitted: 25 Mar 2010 File Category: Language Packs Преводът е за последните версии на форума, блога, галерията и контента. За повече информация, прочетете рийдми файла и проследете линка. Click here to download this file