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  1. IP chat/status upates

    I'll repost this is the customer lounge as I'm sure it doesn't belong here :P
  2. IP chat/status upates

    Ok so I've ran the install on ips chat in the manage app's and modules area. I can not enter the chat room "permission denied". I checked the app for settings and the only one I can change is admin app or public. Think I need to submit a ticket or is this common and easily fixed? Dan
  3. Hi I would like to know if IPS Chat is like the facebook popup (convo) and is the recent status updates on the side that used to be known as a shoutbox part of the chat program? The separate chat rooms like the chat tab here is not what I am looking for. An instant popup like in gmail is more suitable. Also once I have all the features I am looking for installed, can those features be easilly rearranged on the side without fooling around directly with the html. A nice demo page in the cp that allowed drag and drop of modules would make things idiot proof for the many newbies like me I see asking questions here :D
  4. Is this part of chat?

    1. Alex K.

      Alex K.

      No, this is an integrated IPB feature.