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  1. Thanks for taking the time to post this, spam is a terrible problem and it's nice to see you take it so seriously.
  2. Great stuff - I really can't wait till the release date.
  3. Great work! Can't wait to find out the release date.
  4. Understandable, however, how many of your customers are outside the USA? I'm in the UK, we do not have a thanksgiving holiday here. Likewise, most other countries outside of the USA don't either.
  5. Glad to see a great new gallery coming soon!

    1. Andrej


      Thats even more happy news for those who run sites that have Gallery as a main part of the site.

  6. I tried mine a couple of days ago too and it all worked as if by magic..! Not too sure how that could have happened but I'm happy that it is resolved. Not sure if there could have been some caching issues.
  7. Update: WOO HOO..! Managed to find it, here it is: Applications & Modules > Manage Hooks > disabled hooks Seems they are disabled by default when upgrading to 3.1
  8. I've searched EVERYWHERE to find out how to activate this, can't find anything. Running latest version: 3.1 and still no show. Does anyone know how to do ut?
  9. Thanks for that Ian, I forgot to mention earlier that we already use 'add this' (http://www.addthis.com) but would obviously prefer something native to IPB. Having a native function would result in a little less clutter and improve the general flow of our pages. This is a minor issue considering the huge amount of updates have been given in this release, pretty amazing really.
  10. Hi All, I rarely post feedback like this so standby..: Just upgraded to 3.1 across my whole suite of IPB products. I'm SO impressed with the efforts of the team. Smooth upgrade, no problems and the general look, feel and behaviour of it is just great. Absolutely 100% fantastic (can you tell I'm really happy with this?). After using it for a short while, the only suggestion I can make is with the social networking links near the bottom of posts. When I click them, they pass me on to the correct page, for example Twitter. However, the URL in the Twitter post is the unabbreviated one and is very long. Would there be any chance of using a service like: http://bit.ly/ to shorten it? Otherwise, I'm a really happy customer, it's nice to see developments like this carried out with enthusiasm and skill, keep up the good work..!
  11. Browsing the new look 3.1

  12. This latest new forum is EXCELLENT!

    1. Valkyries


      yes very excellent!

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