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    Great plugin, thank you, but I found out 1 bug (IPS with default skin): 1. Create post #1 with attached image #1 2. Creatre post #2 with quote of post #1 3. Edit post #2 (add url to external image #2) and save post #2 After these manipulations post #2 is shown as quote of post #1 without image #1, than image #2 below, than image #1 below. When a member tries to edit post #2 and delete image #1, that is not possible (post #2 looks the same with both images after saving).
  1. done: http://www.sosinvision.com.br/ips4/index.php?/tracker/classifieds/failed-to-open-advert-if-related-topic-has-been-deleted-r295/ Thank you
  2. Could you please provide URL to your tracker? http://forum.sosinvision.com.br/ is offline and I've no account there
  3. Hi, Adriano! Could you please check following issue: Option "create topic" in category settings is set to ON. Advert created, topic created, everything is OK here. Then I delete topic and try to view related advert. HTTP error 500 occurs. PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function url() on null in .../system/Theme/Theme.php(760) : eval()'d code on line 3796, referer: http://sitename.com/classifieds/ IPS version is Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello @newbie LAC! Many thanks FY support! Could you please also provide following codes: 1. Advert after 3rd post in activity feed 2. Advert after first subcategory in category? Thanks in advace!
  5. Hi, Adriano! What about activity stream? I'd like to set guest view limit not only for forums, but for activity stream too. Is t possible to add setting, which will affect it? Regards, Mike
  6. Hello! I'd like to insert adverts into following places: 1. After categories id=5 and id=6 on index page 2. Before the last post in topics excluding categories id=15 and id=14. Could you please provide a code? Thanks in advace!
  7. Many thanks in advance I guess a lot of users will be glad to have that additional feature. For instance my insta has approx 30% videos and 70% photos. So your app is really usable for me only if popup can show not only photos.
  8. Hi, Adriano! Let me thank you for your great IPS applications first of all! I like this Instagram app, but one problem I see: all videos are shown as static screenshots only Any chance to solve? Cheers, Mike
  9. And please another one question, if possibe: what about same code for pages? I need to show advert code for articles within categories id 2 and 5 for instance. Thanks in advance, Mike
  10. Thanks, but I think there is a missunderstanding. I need to execute my code when a user opens any topic inside forums 110 and 110. But your example mentioned above is about list of topics inside forums, I guess... Oh, very sorry, I was wrong. Everything is OK now :^) Thanks a lot FY app and support! Regards, Mike
  11. Hi! Thanks for quick reply! For instance I need to show my advert code (this is popup java window) with all topics in forums id 110 and id 111. Could you please provide code for such example? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello! I need to show html code within topics in specified forums only. Is it possible to do that with your enhanced advertisements? Cheers, Mike
  13. Hello! Looks like your domain http://resolveip.info expired! So that is the reason why georestriction mod does not work now. Please step in and restore ASAP! Thank you!
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