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  1. iAwards

    Fixed in the next release. In the meanwhile you can recount adding or removing an award. @Sterlingz
  2. iAwards

    Can you please test also on png/jpg files?
  3. iAwards

    @Steffen Loos @Tripp★ Actual iAwards app don't use extensions\core\ContentRouter I suppose that this file has remained on your server from a previous version.
  4. iAwards

    Done. You can find the new release in the marketplace.
  5. Feeds

    yes every 30minutes This is not possibile now. you can add a title prefix or add a link to the source.
  6. We have a error when trying to do a bulk mailing 


    Fatal error: Call to undefined method IPS\classifieds\extensions\core\MemberFilter\Categories::availableIn(

    How is the best way to seek support for this? 

    1. InvisionHQ


      Send me a PM or join CLASSIFIEDS club on bbcode.it

    2. Mini Lab Help.com

      Mini Lab Help.com

      I have just registered at bbcode.it and will post up the question there. Thank you

  7. Classifieds System

    Let me explain what happened now if you work on INVOICE with 1.1.6: 1. CANCEL INVOICE / UNPAID INVOCE / EXPIRED INVOICE Advert not deleted - Advert not more on pending status - Advert stocks recovery 2. DELETE INVOCE Delete the advert P.S. Probably this will be the latest maintenance release, if all is well I would like to start working soon on a major release (1.2) that will bring new features.
  8. Classifieds System

    What's New in Version 1.1.6 Released Just now Fixed upload custom field bug Fixed a bug that not update (items > 1) after buy Fixed a bug that set PENDING DEAL on advert with more then one item on stock @Callum MacGregor Fixed a bug with Invoice cancel that delete also the advert @Chris027 @Callum MacGregor Fixed a bug image is not chosen in the Promote window @Sonya*
  9. Classifieds System

    No, this feature is not present ATM
  10. Classifieds System

    Need to check tasks, can you send me a PM with ACP access? Yes, you deleted advert when cancel the invoice. I'm checking into this to look a better way to manage this situation.
  11. Classifieds System

    @Sonya* Fixed on the next release. You need to customise classifieds url from the ACP (customise friendly url) Look:
  12. Classifieds System

    I'm looking into this issue now. I update you soon.
  13. iAwards

    Can you send me a Pm of the link of one of this broken images? @Steph Jensen yes, supported and it works for 4.2.
  14. Anyone know a similar theme like this one?

    It works on 4.2.
  15. Classifieds System

    No, but all transactions are made by commerce and commerce not works for guest.