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  1. IPB 3.1.0 features

    I think you should be able to convert a topic into a private conversation. So if one person posts a topic that is personal you can easily convert into a private conversation Because it might be better to talk there
  2. This would be a good idea for large boards, that get alot of useless posts
  3. IPB about to go big time

    The Administration panel in vB makes me want to puke, reminds me of a really old site. Compare the IP.Board's adminstration panel in 2.3 and vbulletin 3.8, and ipb is a million times better
  4. Signature Restrictions

    Actually it messes everything up, leaving it blank gives you the same error too So i guess my idea doesn't work :( I guess writing letters works too, and doesn't give you the same problems as using negative numbers [#10211] You may only use up to no images in your signature.
  5. Signature Restrictions

    Try -1 , you get a wierd error if you try, but it works
  6. The New ACP Template Editor

    I agree the editor does look like a mess, becuase it breaks where it doesnt need to, its kinda a nuisance
  7. IP.Board 3.0.0 RC 2

    right now In the bug tracker there are 20 bugs excluding the ongoing research ones
  8. Suggestion For 3.0

    Oh, I knew that, i was thinking, you just put in a link and it does it automatically :(
  9. Suggestion For 3.0

    Test Howd you do that Michael?
  10. Big project : Facebook chat bar

    This doesnt just have to be a chat bar thing. It could be used as a taskbar thing
  11. Big project : Facebook chat bar

    Good idea for support issues.
  12. Real Time Update?

    Nonetheless, that's was a good idea :P
  13. My opinion on 3.0

    We were told a December release date, but i think that was obviously too little time, since its a complete rewrite. I dont think the wait is really worth that much, but ipb3 is really coming out to be going well.
  14. agreed they should remove the multi quote and reply buttons, if you are a mod or admin.