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  1. The thing is that IP.SEO does not generate any sitemaps neither in tmp folders or root. I have also added a sitemap.xml in root CHMOD 777 but it remains empty.
  2. hi guys, it is possible that any IPB admin can help me generating the IP.SEO sitemap correctly ? It is urgent and highly appreciated
  3. I allready lost ALL juice from google within 14 days, if someone willing to help me I am more than willing to provide you with all info required to fix it as it sucks big time :(
  4. can beta be downloaded somewhere? In december i will be on page 74 instead of all topics on page 1 in google due to the wrong redirects and no-go sitemap ?
  5. Cheers guys! :sorcerer: Any chance you can answer as quickly on the question when v3.4 will be release ...because, you know what .. I KNOW this question cant have been asked anytime before :devil:
  6. I hope we are all living in the same century , but sometimes it does not feel like this. To make a long story short , i converted a phpBB 3.0 forum to IPB and of course lost all google juice from this since all links indexed where no longer intact. Perhaps not a big issue for a smaller forum but with a forum containing 72.000 posts and 6000 members it is a pain in the ass to not have the ability to with a help of a button (Sitemap Generation) fix this issue within the IPB Core. Sure there is the IPB.SEO which I installed and uninstalled almost immediately because it did not created any sitemaps ( i can see i am not the only one with issues) and the rest of the content in IPB.SEO is *cough* bad to be gentle. So my question (read requirement) for the next release, since you allready improved some SEO, to include a real Sitemap function once and for all. If someone agrees with me feel free to post your thoughts here in order to push the IPB team to take a step from stoneage to "future" Thanks
  7. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: SEO Improvements

    please add sitemap function to this new seo improvements as well thanks
  8. Download: Shoutbox

    Sorry if this have been asked before. I was wondering if it is possible not leaving the current page (index) when clicking "My prefs" ? Currently it opens up the chat in full page width which I dont want, is it possible to disable it from opening up in full page width ?