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  1. Download: (DK34) TeamSpeak 3 Count Tab

    yer i have the same problem
  2. iRadio Hook

    I had the same problem with shoutcast v2 and had my hosts roll back the software for v1
  3. Manage Validating Members

    Does this still work on the latest IPS?
  4. Maxx 2012: The Most Advanced Skin.

    I cant seem to find the option to remove the tab for Performance and normal mode, can someone give me some guidance?
  5. Member Map

    Is there any way to fine tune the custom markers that you put in, i have tried putting in Latitude and longitude but it seems to still have give me a selection of places already listed on google maps?
  6. Facebook Slide FanPage

    Works great for me, nice mod. Thanks
  7. iRadio Hook

    By the looks of it Wofman, you don't have port 8223 open and this is causing your error. UPDATE: Just checked your shoutcast server and that streams fine, you need to get your hosts yo open port 8223 for your radio.
  8. iRadio Hook

    Nice 1 Andy, just sent you a pm....
  9. iRadio Hook

    I have a working icecast server if you want the details to have a try, would probably have to be a separate mod unless you could incorporate a drop down selector?
  10. iRadio Hook

    Andy Is this just for shoutcast or will this also work with Icecast?
  11. LinkedIn Login Method

    Working Fine for me and a great addition to the quick connect options for IPB..... :)
  12. iStream

    why am i getting a renewal bill for this already, not had it a month yet, in fact i haven't even had it a week yet?
  13. iRadio Hook

    unable to connect to 000.000.00:8000 Looks like you haven't set your radio server info unless you deleted that info?
  14. (tng34) Custom Profile Field Dropdown

    Thanks Alex that works a treat, Great Job on the Support..... Thanks....
  15. (tng34) Custom Profile Field Dropdown

    There inline now but seem to be centered instead of left defined?, also is it possible to have the social network names in bold and the links in normal, sort of how it looks on your screen shot in the demo?